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Boozoo Chavis - Down Home On Dog Hill

Boozoo Chavis: Down Home On Dog Hill (CD)


Boozoo Chavis

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DOWN HOME ON DOG HILL contains the final studio recordings of the late Boozoo Chavis.

Personel includes: Boozoo Chavis (vocals, accordion); Charles Chavis (vocals, rubboard); Sonny Landreth (guitar); David Greely (fiddle); Scott Billington (harmonica); Classie Ballou, Jr. (bass); Rellis Chavis (drums).

Released five months after his death in the spring of 2001, this album finds the Zydeco King (one of the architects of the genre itself) at his absolute peak. This posthumous set finds him in total control and his band at their most blistering. Chavis and his group are joined here by guitarist Sonny Landreth and fiddler David Greely, both of whom add intensity and fire to a blast furnace already running at full tilt. Chavis's original compositions continue to find fresh vitality within a style that others would have already exhausted or abandoned over the course of such a long career as his. The tension he creates as a bandleader is subtle yet powerful. Far from simple two-steps, there's an almost constant push and pull going on that's positively masterful.

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Boozoo Chavis
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Boozoo Chavis (Music Performer)
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Press Reviews

...Throw this disc in your player and it's just like having a Dog Hill party of your own... Living Blues (3-4/02, pp.70,72)


Disc 1:

  1. Tell Me What You Want
  2. Keep Your Dress Tail Down
  3. Negre Est Pas la (You Act Sick When I'm Around)
  4. I'm Still Blinkin'
  5. Sugar Bee
  6. Rock Me Mama
  7. Crying Blues
  8. Tite Fille
  9. Johnnie Billie Goat
  10. Twist, The
  11. La Poule Pend P'us :: The Hen Won't Lay
  12. Broke and Hungry
  13. Henry Martin Two Step