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Dave Evans - Judgement Day

Dave Evans: Judgement Day (CD)


Dave Evans

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Dave Evans is internationally known and respected as one of the founding members of the legendary AC/DC and sang on their hit single “Can I Sit Next To You Girl?” After Dave’s split with AC/DC, he joined Australian hard rock outfit “Rabbit”, releasing two albums. The “Too Much Rock n’ Roll” album being released throughout Europe and Japan. Following “Rabbit”, he released the self titled album, “Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under”. Dave has toured Europe to rave reviews and is now based in Dallas, Texas and performs with his backing band, “The Badasses”. In 2006, Dave released his solo album, “Sinner” to international reviewers’ acclaim. Some stating that it was the best classic rock album in years. Dave has now followed up with “Judgment Day” his new album.
“Judgment Day” is full of power, energy, dynamics and conviction! Each song tells its own compelling story and the delivery of the music and Dave’s emotion charged power vocals hit you like a freight train and sends chills down your spine. Rock fans the world over lament the lost art of this genre of hard hitting rock. Dave has once again
delivered! Long Live Rock!

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Dave Evans
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Disc 1:

  1. We Don’T Dance to Your Song
  2. Little Headbanger
  3. Another Boy On the Street
  4. You Talkin to Me
  5. Aint Gonna Do to Me No More
  6. Band Molls
  7. Shoot On Sight
  8. Helluva Night
  9. Judgment Day
  10. House of the Rising Sun