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Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Liverpool (2CD Deluxe Edition - Revised)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Liverpool (2CD Deluxe Edition - Revised) (CD)


Frankie Goes to Hollywood

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Frankie Goes to Hollywood
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Disc 1:

  1. Warriors Of The Wasteland
  2. Rage Hard
  3. Kill The Pain
  4. Maximum Joy
  5. Watching The Wildlife
  6. Lunar Bay
  7. For Heaven's Sake
  8. Is Anybody Out There?
  9. The Waves
  10. "Pamela"
  11. Suffragette City
  12. Roadhouse Blues
  13. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (monitor mix / Sarm sessions / May 1986 / voiceless)
  14. (Don't Lose What's Left) Of Your Little Mind
  15. Rage Hard (Voiceless)

Disc 2:

  1. Rage Hard (Montreux Mix)
  2. Warriors Of The Wasteland (Montreux Mix)
  3. Warriors Cassetted (Featuring Highlights From Both The 7" And 12" Single, Warriors Of The Wasteland, The Twelve Wild Disciples Mix And A Phenomenon Of Megabytes)
  4. Wildlife Cassetted (Featuring Orchestra Wildlife, Watching The Wildlife (Hotter), The Waves, Bit 1, Bit 2 And The Frankie Condom Mix (For A Wilder Time)
  5. Our Silver Turns To Gold (Monitor Mix / Ibiza Sessions / May 1985)
  6. Delirious (Monitor Mix / Ibiza Sessions / May 1985)
  7. "Stan"
  8. For Heaven's Sake (Monitor Mix / Wisseloord Sessions / March 1986)