Why chat when you can frag?

Like this, but with walls divided

The internet. What a place.

No matter where you go, chances are someone’s surfing for cute kitten photos and reviews of movies by someone who feels the need to degrade every scene just for laughs, even if secretly loving it.

As we’ve celebrated and mocked in the past, there are certain things you just can’t shake off when it comes to the internet.

Here is a stranger place of the ‘net I’d like to highlight to you all.

There is a service available now for online gamers to pay for women to play games through Xbox Live with them. This means having an “attractive girl” over a webcam while you geek out to Halo 3.

Afterwards, you vote on the girl’s “hotness, gaming skill, and flirtiness”. It’s almost like gaming prostitution. But seriously, why pay to play a game with a girl who’s being flirty with you when you’re either trying to completely annihilate them, or take the other side and let them win so you think she’ll like you more?

I’m terribly sorry to break it to you guys, but she isn’t hoping to find true love at a dollar a minute.

The Frag Dolls

It’s a stigma with video gamers that it’s still dominated by males. In fact, studies have shown the amount of gamers to be almost evenly split, and the average gamer’s age to be around 30.

That being said, a ‘service’ such as GameCrush seems to demoralise the idea that gaming is for everybody.

The Frag Dolls are a very well-known gamer clan that are experts at mostly first-person-shooters. Their appearance seems to be a bit on the posing side, but publishing house Ubisoft’s creation is still ‘pwning’ men left and right.

Being beaten by a girl isn’t just in the humiliating year-older-than-you-bully-from-primary-school moment. She could be fragging you while you quiver behind that pillar, wondering why CherryBubz can’t stop headshotting you from so far away.

Jessica Chobot

Jessica Chobot from IGN is 33 years old, a female, a TV presenter, and also a big gamer. Everything a male gamer wants in a woman essentially comes down to whether she will complain that you’re still leveling up your Night Elf and not going up to the second level to bed with her.

There’s a double-edged sword there, but I won’t get into that.

While the stereotype still needs more work in order to remove the stigma, we’re at least improving the idea that, yes, girls do play games, and it’s not all Hello Kitty.

By the way, the new Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures game is out on the Nintendo DS if you’re interested.

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