I’m a despicable child sometimes

That's why 3D hurts your eyes.

I love the element of surprise. Just the feeling of not knowing what will happen next is what most filmmakers, artists and other creative minds seek to play with for their particular audience.

Surprises come in all shapes, sizes, packages, brands, labels, cases, et cetera. So what was my latest surprise?

Despicable Me. 3D films have become something of an easily churned industry nowadays. While Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney have been making the most profits, the rest seem to struggle competing.

So it might sound like a bit of a shock when Universal Pictures’ first CGI animated film was actually hilarious.

I was talked into seeing Avatar: The Last Airbender, regardless of how terrible and unfaithful to the television series it was. As much as I was regretting it, I was getting a free ticket for the hassle.

When it turned out the Airbender session was cancelled, the next on the list was Steve Carrell’s attempt at an East European accent in Despicable Me.

While the storyline of the movie is somewhat expected for these kids movies, it was the adult humour they snuck into it that caught me off-guard.

Most of these films will slip in a joke or two that older audiences would get a chuckle from, to keep them sane while their kids hoot and holler at the pretty colours.

But without ruining anything from the film, there were classic scenes that I still think about and laugh. Even the childish minion characters were awesome.

My favourite quote: “IT’S SO FLUFFY!”

Trust me, you gotta see it to see what I mean.

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