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Well this is pretty big news! I mean it’s not often we get to hear stories of famous people getting arrested for any longer than six hours (Paris Hilton just can’t stand staying anywhere else than a 5-star Hilton prison).

Georgios Panayiotou (otherwise known as George Michael) was sentenced to eight weeks in prison, with a harsh minimum of four weeks actually in prison, then four on probation.

He pleaded guilty of crashing his car under the influence of cannabis. While I’d rather not have anyone on the road who could possibly hurt me and my tiny meep-meep-machine, it’s somewhat unheard of for someone to be locked up in a prison for a month.

What possibly could be accomplished from it other than keeping George Michael away from his dealer for a month?

When I thought about it though, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in prison for her messy assortment of DUIs, and ended walking out in 14 (due to the prisons wanting to reduce non-violent offenders to prevent overcrowding).

She was then sent to the rehab program the judge sentenced her to after her “ninety days” of jail for 90 days, and yet left in 23.

Now she might be hosting Saturday Night Live come December.

Considering George Michael checked into rehab a few days after appearing in court to plead, it seems out of line with how most celebrities are handled in the judiciary system. Usually it’s a slap on the bum (which may have been out of order in this case).

But maybe it could be a good experience for him. It could definitely source some new material, and I’m pretty sure he’s got his own sound advice of waking up before any “Go Go”ing happens.

Do you think he needed to be behind bars?

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