Perfecting the actor with programming

Sometimes when it comes to directing, actors just don’t listen. Over and over again they’ll deliver a line that just isn’t right.

Well that’s an issue no more, with the help of technology! No, it’s not installing a computer chip inside their brains to be remote controlled, but it’s not far off.

Meet Geminoid F.

I didn't know Shakespeare knew binary!

Luckily, her role was as a cyborg, so she fit right into the role. It’s going to be tough for Gem to find much variety in future roles with a typecast like that.

But what does this mean for the future of acting? Will we be searching for actors through auditions, or computer stores?

Is it possible that something like Al Pacino’s S1m0ne is more than likely possible in the future? It’s tough enough to land an acting role without having to fight over it with the coffee machine.

Robots have been mainly actors disguised in various costumes, whether out of fabric or actual metal. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Dalek-style costumes for a mechanical figure.

What will happen to Kryten from Red Dwarf fame? Will Kenny Baker be out of the job as R2-D2?

It’s hard to see whether this type of use for robots would be worth any more than in an amusement park ride, but only time will tell when we’ll be seeing such beautiful pieces of art exactly as it was the night before.

Rehearsals will be a thing of the past, and bringing shows overseas will be as simple as stuffing a robot in a box with a USB key brain.

Or have these robots already been implemented into Hollywood? I’m looking at you, Kristen Stewart.

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