Reboot of Spidey could save Peter Parker

"I'm so hip..."

Ever since Sam Raimi gave a big “No” to Spiderman 4 (much to the world’s delight), the Spiderman reboot has been faced with a few frowns and rolling of the eyes.

Much like any reboot, the question of “Why?” always pops up. Sometimes a story is so engaging, it needs to be told again. It’s rare to see a child watching old Warner Brothers cartoons drawn by pencil anymore, so the contemporary way would be throwing an extra ‘D’ on a show and making a computer animated version of it.

When I heard that TRON was getting a sequel, I figured the time gap between the first and the upcoming second would be too great for the target audience. And maybe it still is, but they’ve managed to pull it off from what the trailers indicate.

But remaking Spiderman has two possible outcomes: It saves Peter Parker from Tobey Maguire, or tarnishes the character even more. Andrew Garfield from ‘The Social Network’ fame has been cast as Peter Parker (AKA Spidey), and given his performance in the Facebook film was decent, I was happy to hear it. Though he’s actually 27, he still looks relatively teenagerish.

‘Easy A’s Emma Stone was cast to play Gwen Stacy, Parker’s first love. Her deep red hair would suit more towards Mary Jane Watson, but I’m sure hair dye will come into play.

When I heard Denis Leary was cast to play George Stacy, Gwen Stacy’s father, I couldn’t remember what that character was, but knew Denis Leary would be a good choice.

The film has been talked up by some to be like Christopher Nolan’s reboot of Batman, but like most things we never really know until we see it.

Anyone excited about the idea of a reboot, or do you think Spiderman should be left to grow old in the comic world?

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