On the 10th day of Christmas…


Christmas fast approaches! It’s one of those seasons that you just can’t miss. The decorations are everywhere: The supermarket, the clothing stores, train stations, even elevators. While the grudge against the need to buy presents for everyone comes first, it should be understood that, yes, Christmas is a time for giving. To everyone. That means you.

You may have bought for mum or dad. The siblings might have already been taken care of. But what about you? Why can’t you help yourself avoid that awkward moment of “Thanks, I needed another one of those,” or “That’s so thoughtful!”?

We’ve been running our ‘10 Days of Christmas’ promotion for…you guessed it, ten days. Well, it’s happening now, depending on when you read this. Or it happened some time ago. I cannot foresee your reading habits, but I can predict.

Nonetheless, I challenge you to finally take a stand this Christmas and buy something for yourself. If you don’t, who will? Well, that’s maybe not an issue, but think of the awkwardness! Imagine knowing you have three brand new CDs waiting for you to rip open from your rushed wrapping.


Hit the homepage to see our ‘Chart CD’ promo for the 9th day. Coming soon (tomorrow), the 10th and final day. What will we offer? You’ll have to find out for yourself!

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