Tupac performs one more time at Coachella

Lookin' good.

Anyone who can’t go wishes to be at the yearly Coachella music festival. It’s one of those names that matches that of Woodstock in the late 60′s. It’s always the big names that you really wanted to see but never managed to take the time off of work (or be in the same country).

I would’ve loved to be there, as well as any other massive music festival I might add, but I instead tried my best to see and hear what I could.

There was one event that happened during Snoop Dogg‘s show that I really wished I was there for.

And, as I’m sure everyone felt when they were there, I think everyone wishes the man of the hour I’m speaking of was there to see it too.

Using an estimated $100,000-$400,000 according to MTV, the special effects studio Digital Domain managed to create a lifelike hologram of Tupac Shakur.

Taking about four months to complete, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg finally got to rap with their idol. It’s a combination of amazing use of technology, and a fascinating concept.

The hologram projection isn’t what we exactly imagine it when first hearing about it, and the concept isn’t entirely new, but it still gives a lot of science fiction fans something to keep interest.

The idea of constructing “What if…” concerts with this style of recreation could mean something great. But of course this power could be used for evil. I mean, what would you all think of a hologram Jimi Hendrix playing with Justin Bieber? I know that’s a terrible match, but I’m sure it won’t get to that point.

It’s also a little unsettling to know something like that could be done, so doing it in the future should be handled carefully.

Perhaps we can get to a point where these projections won’t be pre-recorded, and somehow we can get a live feed. Meetings would be so much more involved when you can tell the other person’s yawning.

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