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Transformers 4 in the works?

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Drill baby drill.

We could’ve said “Called it!” but it would’ve been too obvious. There’ll be a Transformers 4. No script’s written, and no cast attached to it, but there’s already a release date for 2014.

The only thing stopping it now is a Mayan prediction.

Now I’ve been harsh on Michael Bay in the past for doing silly things, and as momma always said: “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, blog about it.”

I do however have a great appreciation for the people surrounding Mr. Bay. In particular, the guys and gals at Industrial Light and Magic. They’ve done probably most of your favourite blockbuster movie effects.

If you watched the trailer for the third movie and nothing else (*COUGHmeCOUGH*), you would’ve seen the best part of the film (I’m guessing): The crumbling of a skyscraper with The Driller (the metallic worm thingy).

Apparently there were 70,051 parts that made the drilling robot, towering over Optimus Prime’s 10,701. The amount of detail and work that goes into special effects is mindboggling.

And with that, I’ve found a video that demonstrates just a little of what they do so well.

Now if they could just put a little more ‘parts’ into the script…

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TRON reboot reminds me of ReBoot

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Looks tacky, but...well, I guess it was a lil'.

I went and saw TRON: Legacy last night, and oh it was so very cool. The TRON guy isn’t in it, Daft Punk’s in it (Booyahhh), and there was a bit more storyline in it than I thought.

The special effects were awesome, but the one underlying theme with it, as with all computer VS human stories, is how we, the computer users, are bad.

It reminded me of a 3D cartoon series that I loved when I was younger called ReBoot. Essentially in a nutshell the show is inside a computer system. Bits, sprites (not the soft drink) and (digital) viruses inhabited the world.

Within it, massive ‘game cubes’ landed on random spots of the city, which were the computer user’s loaded up video games. All the characters that were under the cube are thrown into the game, and the main hero usually squeezes in to defeat the user and save the city. If he doesn’t, that sector in the city gets wiped out, or “nullified”. So we’re the bad guy for playing a couple games.

Did we not create you, computers? Well…Did programmers not agonize over lists of 0’s and 1’s to make your world? Why all this hatred toward us? I know where the recycle bin is on my desktop. Like a black hole, I could just wipe it all away. But then where would I have all those funny videos of people falling over and dogs talking like humans?

Meh...looked better on the brochure.

The TV show was actually quite impressive at the time. It was planned in the 80’s but the technology wasn’t ready for what was wanted, and only in the early 90’s did we have our first 3D-animated half-hour TV series. Nowadays it’s hard to find a hand-drawn cartoon.

I’m also extremely guilty now for deleting things off my PC. Think of all that poor data just…wiped off the face of the digital planet. It’s like watching Ferngully, only it’s even more preachy about treating computers right.

Oh I’m totally leaving you on overnight, doing something mundane like playing a DVD menu screen over and over, but my monitor and sound’ll be turned off so I won’t know.

Man: 1
Machine: 0

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