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War Front: Turning Point – WW11 Game for the PC

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

War_frontWar Front – Turning Point has just hit the game shelves for all you PC gamers out there.
Recently released as
Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty on both PS3 and Xbox360 platforms, the game makes it’s PC debut.

This is a WWII fighting game with a difference, it is based around a true incident that happened in New York in 1931 when Winston Churchill was hit by a taxi.
In reality he survived to lead Great Britain into the war against Nazi Germany, but what would have happened if he had not?
This game follows that bizarre scenario, and without his leadership the UK falls into the hands of the Third Reich in 1940. This gives the Germans time to develop their weapons, Jet Fighters and Atomic Bombs to name a few, which upsets the yanks, and in 1953 the now well prepared army leads an attack on America… fierce controversial stuff!

Turning_point_screenshotThe player assumes the role of Dan Carson, up until now an average New York construction worker, who is caught up in the initial German invasion of his city.
However unlike other games Dan is not trying to win the war, he is trying to survive! He first tries to escape from New York and somehow manages to get to Washington where he joins the resistance. His adventure leads him eventually to London where he must find and destroy the bomb that threatens his country. Exciting stuff!

There are a couple of great things about this game, firstly the clever use of real life monuments as seen today, mainly getting blown up of course! The Chrysler Building, White House and London’s Tower Bridge all make appearances.
And then there is the way that the game includes many advanced versions of weapons that were either in design or actually used in WWII, Huge Tanks, Massive Zeppelin’s, Attack Blimps and Vulcan style Bombers to name a few. WOW!
If you enjoyed: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Medal Of Honour, End War, Army Of Two…. You get the picture! This is a must for your collection.

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Army Of Two – You And Your AI Buddy

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Army_of_two_xbox_360Next Friday this week sees the release of Army Of Two. It’ll be available for both the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 platforms.
This isn’t a single player game, you must undertake two man missions using two man strategies and tactics, but never fear, if you haven’t got that all important internet connection you can buddy up with an Intelligent Partner… and we don’t mean your better half. We mean your very own PAI.

Partner AI (PAI) will interact, adapt, collaborate and learn from their human partner. The PAI will also react and adjust to the gamer’s ability and how they play the game by taking the lead or following, driving strategy or taking orders.

The gameplay will switch seamlessly between "real" partners and your PAI buddy so you can play on the move and return to the same position with a real partner without noticing the difference when you are next back on line.
You are thrown into recognisable situations ripped from today’s current headlines. Centering on the issues surrounding private military corporations, players must make money. The better you are the more funds you raise, and can increase your firepower, armour and other equipment as you go. This game also includes Power-Ups, WoW!

Players of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas (who I’m sure are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Part Two for the PS3 and Xbox) and Call Of Duty 4 (for the PS3 or Xbox) – this is the game for you!