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Twitter roulette

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

T is for Twitter!

Twitter turned four on Monday. With the mecha of online SMS sending already four years old, it’s strange to think about how we used to talk to each other.

The development from the old days of phone calls that were attached to walls has made it possible for a person walking down the street to spontaneously text friends to meet at a location five minutes away.

Originally walking home to call your friend’s house was necessary, and even then, the mother would apologize, offer to leave a message, and you wouldn’t hear from her again.

Now we can share articles about the best sneezing pand videos, stay up-to-date on current news on what our friends are eating, re-tweet awesome blog posts (hint hint), and now follow celebrities and their highly engaging messages about how great it was to see another famous person at a famous person’s party. What fun they must have.

Now with instantaneous messages being delivered around the globe at ease, Chatroulette has come into play. While pictures can tell a thousand words, video will turn you into a rambling man, unable to stop.

Exactly. Feel free to talk now.

Chatroulette is a website that “pairs random strangers for webcam-based conversations” using a plugged-in microphone for the added audio effect.

When either one feels like moving to the next person, simply pressing ‘Next’ will disconnect, and within seconds you’re in front of an entirely new living room.

Yes, now we can see the faces of those surfing the internet: Mopey face, leaning on hand, wearing something to either cover their face or to hide their identity.

For those who haven’t used this internet experiment, I give you a massive warning: You are going to see something disturbing.

You know the fear of walking through a park, only for a man in a trenchcoat to expose his naked self? Now you can see that in the comfort of your own home.

Inappropriate use of this social experiment is not a shock to the system. The internet as I’ve mentioned before is a wild jungle of beauty and beasts.

And you know who started it all? A 17-year-old boy from Russia. That’s right, the person responsible for the site shouldn’t even be allowed to use his own site. Putting a clause stating you must be 16 to use the site doesn’t do much, because who doesn’t want to use an anonymous webcam site and be safe from ridicule of other people?

Obviously the cat guy above, for one.

But from the 90% of filth comes that 10% of a gem, and this one come in the form of a piano-playing Merton.

Though most people thought this improv genius about the Chatroulette sensation was American piano master Ben Folds. And while people kept arguing this, Ben Folds has since dedicated a section of his gigs called ‘Ode to Merton‘.

Merton’s video has since been re-posted on YouTube due to the site’s violation of showing the (now) blurry young woman, but it was up to 4.2 million views before the re-post (and apparently the ‘Top-Rated YouTube Video of All Time’).


I’m serious about the number 3.

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