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Monkeys are our best line of defence

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

With the countdown of days until the Commonwealth Games begin in New Delhi, the stories about the location being difficult due to unfinished and dangerous buildings are only the start.

The organisers, in an attempt to up security at this event, have enlisted the help of highly intelligent monkeys to patrol the stadiums to scare off other wildlife.

I’ve got a picture of the guards currently patrolling the grounds.

Suited for the job.

Charleton Heston tried to warn us of our impending doom ahead, but it seems we just weren’t listening.

Net! My one true weakness!

I know it sounds like a necessary precaution, but just like the uprising of the robots, we need to watch these apes.

We all love a movie about some sort of animal or inanimate object putting the human race at risk of extinction or slavery.

Computers had Matrix, aliens had Independence Day, black clouds had Lost.

If I see one texting with a Blackberry, I’m grabbing some heavy weaponry and building a bunker. You may laugh now, but monkeys can already drive jetskis and star in movies alongside Charlize Theron. It’s only a matter of time.

Be careful at who you give your next babysitting job to. Otherwise, you could very well be looking at this soon.

How'd they only blow the bottom half up like that?

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