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Back to Bowie

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I’ve had a few moments recently where a song I had not heard in ages comes on the radio, or on a TV show, pops on and suddenly stirs this massive desire to go back in time.

It could be a song from that band that slowly faded away, or those embarrassing and shameful one-hit wonders (it’s okay, Milli Vanilli fans).

I saw this video recently of a child crying out to his parents to put a certain musical figure (I’d skim through it bit by bit to save you hearing the ear-wrenching cries he manages to pull).

When I saw this kid cry out, it reminded me of the very same moment where I just needed to go back and listen to more David Bowie.

"No no no! I seriously love your music Dave!"

Regardless of who it is, it becomes a secret goal inside to seek as much of that artist as possible, and try to rekindle that passion you once had.

Granted I wasn’t in tears, I began asking everyone I knew if they had any old Bowie records. From memory I was infatuated by his music, and seeing Labyrinth not too long ago fuelled the mission even more (though anyone trying to pull off the tights look like that is incomprehensible).

I had managed to nab a copy of ‘Best of Bowie’ and was over the moon.

But then I discovered something horrific – I wasn’t in the mood for it. All of that seeking and scrounging around, and after finally getting a copy I was exhausted.

What happened after? I grabbed my favourites and threw them on my music player, leaving the other 12 tracks to stay dormant on the compact disc on my wall.

There’s a DVD just recently announced that’s containing a lot of rare and unseen footage over five decades of Bowie, so I WILL be getting that.

I’m a disgrace sometimes. Have you ever searched so hard for a band or musician, and ended up falling flat from the excitement you expected?

I really do like David Bowie. He’s in Labyrinth!

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Lights back on for Astley

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

MC Astleypants.

Ever get that feeling that you’re falling for some sort of trick whenever the name Rick Astley pops up?

It’s like a nervous tick I have now, as if a hypnotist has forever ruined me and made me unable to hear the sound of a triangle without clucking like a chicken.

It’s been 17 years since the deep-voiced Lancashire lad released a single. He retired in 1993 from the music industry at 27 to be a father. Now that his daughter is 18 years old, and the fame of the YouTube April Fools Day of 2008 has instilled the image of his wicked dance moves, he came out with a new single called “Lights Out”.

Trust me, it’s a legit link. I know I’ve RickRolled in the past, but this speaks for itself.

It’s all well and good for Rick wanting to get back into the music scene. Heck, all the oldies are coming out of their hiding places to botox their wrinkles and throw back on their hammer pants (note: MC Hammer has not brought back the pants).

What got me confused was that the Brit Comedian Peter Kay directed the clip. You know, the one with the story about soggy biscuits in tea.

Do you think Rick’s got what it takes to have a little comeback on to the scene?

What I found hilarious about the whole RickRolling phenomenon was that through the 66 million hits that the clip got, Astley only made $12 in royalties, which goes to show how crummy the online music system is.

After all those years that never let us down, and the industry just gave him up.

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I now pronounce you…metalheads

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

"Excuse me sir, could you turn it down? We can't hear the wedding vows."

Want to unite with your significant other? Want to share your passion for each other in a way that sings praise for the very essence that is your love?

OZZFest has set up a marriage package unlike any other. Essentially a new way of paying for VIP tickets, the massive music festival travelling the U.S. with headlining act Mr. Mumbles himself will set you up with the wedding of your nightmares.

You’ll be getting early entry, a backstage tour, a fridge filled with pint-sized cans of energy drink, ten pit admission tickets for the bride and groom, an official OZZFest wedding ceremony, cake and a champagne toast.

If you were wanting to tie the knot, wouldn’t you want to be heffed up on caffeine, sugar and cake while watching Motley Crue too?

It brings me to the strangeness of weddings nowadays. Instead of the dreary churches, people now feel obligated to make their wedding more unique. Pamela Anderson’s wedding with Kid Rock on a yacht sporting a bra ‘dress’ was quirky for those celeb figures, but what about us normal people?

"You're as beautiful as the day I first logged on."

Well, less famous people.

Now weddings are happening in all sorts of places: jungles, amusement parks, underwater, on top of planes…you name it.

Even people meeting in virtual and gaming worlds like Second Life and World of Warcraft feel it necessary to unite in the same fashion.

It’s a very cute spin on a serious commitment. I just hope you have a good enough access to type “Mrry me?” and “LOL! K! Thx!” before you ‘/unite’.

Meeting someone at a music festival is a great story for those embracing the love for similar music. But it’d be a shame if a band pulled out on your wedding night, wouldn’t it? Or if your love gets trampled on by a drunkard.

But at least you wouldn’t have to clean everything up. And if you feel the need to run from the altar, then have second second thoughts, just say you thought you heard Black Label Society hopping on stage.

Know anyone with a cool wedding story? Throw us a comment, or reply on Facebook or Twitter.

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Oh no, oh noooo…

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010


After bending over backwards for all those charities, it seems age has taken its toll for the Irish humanitarian Bono, who has just had emergency back surgery.

This has halted the tour for U2, and a lot of 50-something women are quite upset that their ‘I HEART BONO’ shirts aren’t going to get the attention to win the wealthy man over.

I’m thinking that this injury could help out the band though.

Think about it this way. With all of those painkillers in his system, he might possibly sound passionate about something, being lost in his thoughts.

At the moment, he seems to be swimming in an ocean of his own smugness on stage. How about taking him off the stage completely? Then you’d have the perfect venue for anyone who are on any hallucinagens, without feeling guilty about having the better life.

Come to think of it, Bill Bailey demonstrated what U2 would sound like if The Edge lost his effect pedals. I think what we need is a ‘U2: Unplugged’ tour. Forget the effects, and the sunglasses-wearing-at-midnight singer, and just focus on the MUSIC.

When the bassist from Muse broke his wrist, did he stop playing? No, he thumped away at the strings with a bright white cast still wet from the doctor’s office (after the bassist from The Streets helped a bit).

Did Josh Homme stop the Queens of the Stone Age gig at a huge European festival when someone threw a shoe at him? No, he halted the gig and proceeded to insult the guy in the audience until the punk kid came out, and he threw the shoe back.

Sticks and stones may break his bones, but words will never escape him.

Did Jared Leto stop playing when he broke his nose while running into the crowd? No, apparently he finished the gig and thought it was one of his best shows (But it’s Jared Leto, he ran into the audience so I don’t care. But the point still remains!).

Did Iggy Pop stop after getting ANY injury in his million year career? Come on, we all know the answer to that.

Stop your whinging for something real like world hunger, wear a spinal brace and start saying “Hello, hello”.

Oh, and condolences to the U2 fans out there. They’ll be on stage soon. Not going to give up all that ticket money so easily, are we?

The last time they cancelled, never heard the end of it from people I knew. It was like something bad actually happened…

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Breaking News!! Feeder Warm Up Gigs

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Feeder_gigs_2 I have been a fan of "Feeder" since I first saw them at the Driftwood Spa pub in Cornwall supporting "A".
Imagine my disappointment when I found out they were playing the main stage at Reading this year, on the Sunday when I could not go.

But fear not faithful Feeder fans, the lads are in the studio finishing their as yet untitled new album. And wanting to get some fresh air after being cooped up for so long they’ve decided to do a limited number of showcase gigs to bring you some of the new songs in an intimate venue the likes of which they have not played for many a long year. Result!

  • 21st May – Newcastle, Northumbria Uni Stage 2
  • 22nd May – Glasgow, The Classic Grand
  • 24th May – Sheffield, Leadmill
  • 25th May – Birmingham, Barfly
  • 27th May – Cardiff, The Point
  • 28th May – Manchester, Academy 3
  • 31st May – Bristol, The Thekla

Can you believe it? No, nor could I.
Tickets are £15.00 each and strictly limited to two per person, get yours now before it’s way too late.