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Hermione shakes out of confusion spell

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Ya, srsly.

Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame’s had a pretty big teenage life, considering she was already locked into a franchise of movies destined to be blockbuster smash after smash.

In a recent interview she said that her dad sat her down when she was nearing eighteen years old to tell her about how much she was actually getting paid for everything she was doing.

Originally her father was only paying her $75 a week as an allowance, but when she was told she was actually a millionaire (sounds like nothing nowadays, doesn’t it?) she was shocked.

I would be too, given that talk. All that time I could’ve bought a car that didn’t break down every two blocks, or clothes that weren’t hand-me-downs or generic brands.

But on the other hand, she couldn’t have possibly gone through all those movies not knowing that she was going to get a few more coins than $75.

Just imagine getting that talk tomorrow from someone, whether it be a parent, friend or work colleague.

What would you do?

I would suggest taking a look at our Christmas catalogue! And please, don’t hold back on your million dollar earnings, big spender!

We’ve set up our annual Christmas bargains again, and I will be checking this list just as often as anyone else to see what new deals pop through.

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