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CD Bargains Of The Week from just £3.99

Friday, June 27th, 2008

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Feeder_silent_cryWe have one of this weeks highest chart entries FeederSilent Cry at the discount price of just £6.99 with free shipping.
The new album from Feeder is their best to date and has some tracks that will surely become the rock anthems of this summer’s festivals.
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CD Of The Week: Feeder – Silent Cry

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Feeder_silent_cryFeederSilent Cry is also available as: Silent Cry (Deluxe Edition) – the 6th album from the Welsh indie-rock outfit.
Recorded and produced by the band themselves, with assistance from long time friend and once touring member Matt Sime. The album sees Grant Nicholas, Taka Hirose and Co. return to the sound that graced their early releases, Swim and Polythene.
Indeed recent dates to run the album out saw some early songs in the set. The album is the usual mix of heavy guitars and anthemic songwriting, while to my mind, creating their most accomplished recording to date.

Feeder_singlesHaving put the troubles of the past behind them (namely the untimely death of drummer Jon Lee, and the subsequent more dour but none the less excellent recording Yesterday Went Too Soon), Silent Cry sees the band back at their Arena filling rock anthem best.
Having been around since 1992 and with a string of 20, yes 20 Chart singles all of which on hearing are instantly recognisable. It is quite a miracle, or a cruel blow of fate whichever way you look at it that the band are not much more of a household name, perhaps it is the unassuming nature of Grant and Taka, perhaps the shadow cast by other stadium bands of the same era like Coldplay, but my feeling is it suits them!

First single ‘We Are The People’ seen here courtesy of YouTube…

… kicks the album off and will one day join the legion of other FeederSingles on another greatest hits album.
‘Itsumo’ has a great guitar hook, a little bit of reverb and echo on the vocals brings back the feeling of some early tracks but when everything kicks in you can see a small but significant step forwards.
‘Miss You’ rattles along at a pace that wouldn’t put the Foo Fighters to shame and another great guitar riff is to be found on ‘Tracing Lines’.

Feeder_echo_parkTitle track ‘Silent Cry’ starts and you think that you are in for the inevitable ballad but in the first minute you understand the format, soft bit, loud bit… and some more great guitar work.
‘Fires’ another big song with a big sound, and what’s this? Some backing vocals….
‘Heads Held High’ a slow starter that builds, ’8:18′ a ‘Buck Rogers’ style track, ‘Whos The Enemy’, the short ‘Space’ and ‘Into The Blue’ are followed by the huge sound of ‘Guided By A Voice’ and it’s great vocal hook. You can imagine the crowd at Reading Festival screaming along to this one!
And then the magnificent ‘Sonorous’ with it’s massive crescendos finishes the album off, unless you have the Silent Cry (Deluxe Edition) in which case you get bonus tracks ‘Yeah, Yeah’ and ‘Every Minute’.

Back to their best. If you get a chance to see them at a festival this year get yourself along, this album is Crying out (see what I did there? Clever eh?) for a huge sing along audience.
Alternatively an Autumn tour is planned with around 25 dates in a city near you!

New Release CDs – Monday June 16th

Monday, June 16th, 2008

I have had a great few weeks recently and been to see some fabulous bands, I was hoping to get to see the Fleet Foxes last Tuesday but despite my best efforts I could not find a way in to the tiny Louisiana Pub in Bristol. But thank goodness there is always a constant source of great new music to listen to, always delivered direct to your very door totally free of charge from the lovely folk at CD WOW!

Dennis_wilson_pacific_ocean_blueDennis WilsonPacific Ocean Blue: Legacy Edition (2CD)
*Unbelievably this is only GBP 8.99 for the 2CD… with free shipping!
The Beach Boys drummer’s only solo release gets a very well deserved and luxuriously finished re-release. Regarded by many as the finest of the Beach Boys solo efforts, including his older brother Brian, this album is now presented with a clarity never before heard.
As an added bonus to hard core Beach Boys fans it also contains much of the material from the never released often lamented follow up Bambu.
Catch a quick overview of Dennis from this clip courtesy of YouTube:

And as if by magic, from the old to the new:

Fleet_foxes_fleet_foxesFleet FoxesFleet Foxes
There has been so much underground buzz about this band that I would be surprised if there is anybody left out there that has not heard of them. Hailing from Seattle, the American city that spawned more quality bands than you can shake a stick at, and signed to the legendary Sub Pop label (in America) you might expect their music to be on the grunge side of rock, but none of it!
This is a very different sort of rock music described by the band themselves as "baroque harmonic pop jams".
From the Beach Boys like ‘White Winter Hymnal’ through to the Denver folkiness of ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’ the band derives inspiration from the greats of the 1960s US folk explosion, not quite sure how as they are all in their early 20s, but with a modernity specific to Fleet Foxes alone.
Check a few of the songs out at the Fleet Foxes My Space site.

Feeder_silent_cryFeederSilent Cry Is also available as – Silent Cry: Deluxe Edition
Feeder are one of my all time favourite bands!
I have followed them for many years from the Driftwood Spa pub in St Agnes to the Birmingham NEC and everywhere in-between. I have followed them through the highs and lows and have to say that to my mind this is one of the best albums that they have ever released.
I have been lucky enough to see a couple of the warm up shows at small venues and went to the album launch party last Thursday (more about that later this week!).
Outstanding tracks are the single ‘We Are The People’ the great ‘Miss You’, ‘Itsumo’, ‘Guided By A Voice’ and the fantastic ‘Sonorous’ back to their rocking best roots you would be a fool not to add this one to your collection!
Good post here from Drowned In Sound for all you nice people to read!!

Also look out for new entries next week from;Weezer_red_album

Now I’ll be a monkeys uncle if you can’t find something for aural pleasure in that lot!
If you are looking for something else, why not check out the essential New Releases and Future Releases on your very favourite: CD WOW!

Feeder – Silent Cry Tour @ The Point, Cardiff May 28th

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Feeder_silent_cry_2FEEDER – Silent Cry (Released June 16th 2008) warm up tour.
It’s not often that a band capable of selling out Stadiums gives you the chance to see them live in venues that hold just 200 or 300 people however Feeder are one such band. In fact in the middle of this 8 date warm up tour they played the Millennium Stadium with the Stereophonics!
This gig took me right back to the first time that I saw them, supporting "A" at the Driftwood Spa pub in St Agnes, Cornwall, it was tipping with rain after the gig and we had to walk miles up a pitch black road to get our lift back to the campsite we were staying at. I have been seeing them play ever since.

Typical of the great guys that they are they have given 8 unsigned local bands the chance to open for them, it must have been a great thrill for all of them, tonight it was Butterflies With Beards.

Feeder_high Feeder! Feeder! The cry went up, and from the opening bar of the first song (set list below) we all knew we were in for a night to remember! Feeling A Moment, yes indeed, I think we all were. Shatter, a double A-Side single when first released and on to a couple of tracks from the new album, I had already heard We Are The people on the Feeder web site but Miss You was a new one to me. Come Back Around and then three blistering new tracks. My Perfect Day from Polythene, and it was becoming one of them. Before I new it they were walking off stage after Lost and Found. A huge chant went up and they duly came back on for an encore, and what an encore it was, the fantastic sing along High followed by Just A Day. And then it was all over….

If you could pick some of your very best Feeder rock tracks they were played tonight, interspersed with 7 tracks from the new album, Silent Cry all of which stood up to the classics we all know and love so well.

I was hugely fortunate, and quick enough, to be able to buy tickets for two of the shows, and I am off to see the final show tonight at The Thekla in Bristol, I hope to see some of you there, including Heulwen who I have seen at countless other Feeder shows over the years.

Silent Cry is going to be a classic Feeder album and would not go amiss in anybodies record collection, pre-order your copy from CD WOW! now!!

Cardiff Point 28th May Set List (Thanks Andrew, I owe you one!):

Other releases by Feeder:

Breaking News!! Feeder Warm Up Gigs

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Feeder_gigs_2 I have been a fan of "Feeder" since I first saw them at the Driftwood Spa pub in Cornwall supporting "A".
Imagine my disappointment when I found out they were playing the main stage at Reading this year, on the Sunday when I could not go.

But fear not faithful Feeder fans, the lads are in the studio finishing their as yet untitled new album. And wanting to get some fresh air after being cooped up for so long they’ve decided to do a limited number of showcase gigs to bring you some of the new songs in an intimate venue the likes of which they have not played for many a long year. Result!

  • 21st May – Newcastle, Northumbria Uni Stage 2
  • 22nd May – Glasgow, The Classic Grand
  • 24th May – Sheffield, Leadmill
  • 25th May – Birmingham, Barfly
  • 27th May – Cardiff, The Point
  • 28th May – Manchester, Academy 3
  • 31st May – Bristol, The Thekla

Can you believe it? No, nor could I.
Tickets are £15.00 each and strictly limited to two per person, get yours now before it’s way too late.