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Underneath the genre

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Finding it difficult? Me too.

All too often when you go to the cinema or the video store you’ll see movies put into categories like ‘Comedy’ and ‘Drama’, but you’ll still feel left out in terms of whether to see it.

I mean, is it “Ha Ha!” funny, or “Hah…”? When you read the description, does it really give you an idea on what “full out laughs”?

Ever had a friend say to you “This movie is so bloody funny!”, only to sit there listening to your friend explain every joke and why it’s funny, and no matter how you interpret the jokes, are told that it “isn’t for everyone”?

I’ve devised three sub-genres that should be used in place of these titles. Feel free to print this out on the neck of your DVDs to remind you of what’s inside.

NOT funny

* Temporary solution to puberty blues
* Requires a second viewing to realise subliminal message
* If you don’t laugh, you have no soul

Romantic Comedy
* She gets her man
* She doesn’t get her man, but realises her best friend was there all along
* She doesn’t get her man or best friend, then gets her man

* Will leave you feeling numb
* Protaganist is miserable through the whole movie and gets the girl
* Greek tragedy

* He was crazy all along
* …BOO!…You like?
* It was all a dream

It really did change horror films

* Pre-Scream movie structure
* Post-Scream attempts at irony
* You will only see red

* It’s all the government’s fault
* It’s all your fault
* Look at the weirdo.

TV Series
* Shows about nothing
* Watch the internet’s 30 second summary
* Same formula, nothing changes

* Computer generated
* Real stunts
* Steven Seagal

I still don't know how to classify this

* Book-reading with moving picture above
* Hilarious dubbing
* Designed to confuse you

* Something happens in space
* Alternate universe
* Your guess is as good as mine

* For adults who love cartoons and need underlying adult theme to brag at end
* Don’t show this to your child, because the songs won’t escape your mind
* Don’t show this to anyone. It’s for your own good.

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