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Sulu goes raw online

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

There’s something special about George Takei calling someone a “douchebag”.


A lot of celebrities have spoken up lately for the U.S. elections, equal rights groups and such. Celebrity power has always been a powerful force that drives a message through the barrier of doubt into the wonderful world of acceptance.

If Sulu ever called Captain Kirk a douchebag, it would be a perfect fit to cast Takei for the video. I’m almost certain Takei has called William Shatner a douchebag (which would also be an amazing video to see).

It’s even great to see Takei say the word “Douchebag”. The fact that the man sought out by so many fans to be the intelligent, sophisticated man from his work says something that we would call the driver who can’t properly merge lanes is very respectable.

That’s why I’ve been coming up with a few good ideas for celebs to jump on the opportunity. Viola!

Doogs’ Top 5 Future Celebrity Endorsements
1. Arnold Schwarzenegger does an ad endorsing chamomile tea.
2. Keith Richards promotes safe climbing of coconut trees.
3. Justin Bieber promotes hair conditioner, and successfully does the ‘slo-mo’ flick.
4. Ellen and Justin Bieber holding hands to promote equal rights for all orientations. Bieber’s a chick, right?
5. John Woo makes a powerful presentation about saving doves just before any major gunfight.

Got any celebrities that would make an excellent promotion or be a good ambassador?

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