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Glad to be singing with Glee again?

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Best of friends now!

It’s pretty much a given that you’ve either watched the first episode of Glee, heard or watched a preview of the first episode of Glee, or heard a drunk guy on a street corner sing ‘Journey’, which as much as it is a ramblin’ man’s anthem, is also attached to Glee.

While the first season was testing the waters of a high school TV show about a student singing association, now the celebrities are piling up to be on-screen.

Britney Spears’ll be first in line in the second episode as a tribute to the Mickey Mouse Club star, as well as Full House’s John Stamos.

Of course you’ll be getting a lot of the modern music, and no doubt Lady Gaga will join the club, but there’ve been mentions of even Gwyneth Paltrow joining in for a two-part episode.

Paltrow is good friends with creator Ryan Murphy, and she’s actually done a bit of singing in her past work, so it could be a great addition.

But I swear there’s got to be someone out there that no one’s thought of yet as a great guest star.

Just thinking about it now, having someone like Henry Rollins rock out as someone’s dad and totally shoot down the Glee club at a concert or something’d be awesome.

Then again I get kind of distracted watching things that don’t explode, get shot at, get handed a scotch every time someone walks in an office or swear furiously.

Anyone you can think of that would be a brilliant guest star?

John Stamos though…whenever I hear the name ‘John Stamos’, it always reminds me of this:

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