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Body and soldering

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

IT men never looked so good.

I’ve gotten my hands on the latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which deals with a not-too-distant future of human body augmentations.

The game itself is the amazing addition to the original game that was loved by so many back when it first came out on PCs in 2000.

These days the types of content created for marketing purposes to sell games, movies and such are becoming more inventive.

Whether it’s great commercials, giveaways, interactive internet games or even a funny video, it’s getting a lot of buzz around upcoming titles, and I for one am a nosy sort when it comes to this.

Looking forward to the game I now hold in my hand (well, was holding in my hand before I had to get back to work), I was watching trailers and trying to get a sense of what I was in for.

Here’s Deus Ex’s cool piece of marketing work with their documentary made surrounding real-life body augmentations, and where we’re heading at in the hopefully-not-as-grim future as the game has portrayed so far:

If you could have an augmentation, what would you get?

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