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The ugly truth

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Fact: Oprah steals the souls of puppies

Oprah’s great, she’s wonderful, she’s fantastic. She cries when sad things happen, she laughs when the guest laughs at his or her misfortune, and she can even handle a Scientologist jumping on the couch like a monkey about to bump his head.

But Oprah was a very angry woman when an author who was welcomed into the Oprah Book Club with open arms, then ended locked outside at the bottom of the building dodging his falling TV of the fourth storey.

James Frey wrote the book ‘A Million Little Pieces’, which was initially written as a fictional tale, but came to be a re-telling of Frey’s struggle through drug rehabilitation.

When it was found out that he had fabricated different parts of the book, Oprah got mad. Similar to The Hulk, when O gets mad, get away from O.

But what’s this? We’ve got dirt on Oprah?

Rita Skeeter

Kitty Kelley (who from her celebrity biographer profession and name feels more like Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter) has just released a biography about the billion dollar woman, finding out the diva and fabrications within this rich goddess.

Deconstructing the celebrity somewhat diminishes the idea of a celebrity in the first place. We place people on a pedestal for their beauty, intelligence and humility (and not necessarily possessing all three).

Britney Spears has allowed photos of the ‘Before and After’ photoshoot out in the public. Some say it’s because people were doubtful the normal-sized Spears has all of a sudden gone back to super slim model size in her photos, but the actual photos aren’t the shock and horror of it all.

Heck, a YouTube search on ‘Best Modelling Photoshop’ will bring up the digital artists who can wave pounds and age off like dust on a shelf.

If you had to pick...

When we take Jessica Simpson‘s makeup away, of course she’s going to look different. It’s the talent accepting themselves for their true self that seems like a strange step.

Mind you, Britney is still wearing a ton of makeup in the photos, but with the slow encouragement of honesty from our idols, it’s possible we’re moving closer towards a more understanding future.

But hold on there, sonny Jim. Beauty from within doesn’t sell magazines. People know what happens when you choose to go leave the house ‘au naturale’.

It’s the biological nature of human nature that causes us to turn to the prettier animal of the forest. As far as primitive urges go, we’ll still rather feed our shallow side without consideration of the rest.

Will Smith caught pointing - Rude.

Take any celebrity known for looks only, and think about their whether you’d like to take that celeb to dinner to talk, or gawk. You’d be hard pressed asking any questions to Paris Hilton about Afghanistan (general knowledge or spelling-wise).

I’m sure that we’ll hear that Will Smith doesn’t recycle his diet lemonade cans, or Hugh Jackman is afraid of sharp objects. Our perfect idols will eventually fall, and it’s interesting to see how much grace will be retained once the rubber hits the tarmac.

Does it matter that Oprah spends $40 million making her jet hangar smell nice? We might think she’s spending a lot of money, but I bet you would too with a few billion sitting in the bank.

At the end of the day, does it matter?

Only if you’re dating her. Stedman, if you’re reading this…

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