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Pappa’s been taken out of the bag

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

"Get on up-ah!"

I don’t know how this news snuck past me, but we seem to be missing the Godfather of Soul.

One of the 12 people who have come forward to say they are one of his illegitimate children is LaRhonda Pettit. She says the body of the man has been taken from his crypt.

She had been keeping his body until a proper burial was organised. LaRhonda has come out saying that even though James Brown is known for using illegal drugs, his death wasn’t the result of it.

What’s more strange about this story is how his daughter has been keeping his body for over three years. Just sitting there.

So eerie. But who knows, maybe she organised for the body to be taken because she’s not among the children to get any royalties from daddy.

But the man who had been the almighty for funk music has hardly been mentioned as of late (aside from the bodysnatching incident). So today, I’d like to salute the Godfather, who taught us the boogaloo, the funky chicken, and the mashed potato.

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Slayer Street

Friday, November 6th, 2009

To celebrate the release of their new CD World Painted Blood, Slayer have recorded a film clip of ‘Dittohead’ from their Divine Intervention album with their friends from Sesame Street.

Seeing Oscar the Grouch sing about oppression really tugs my heartstrings.
“I will never be contained
Living with aggression and its
Everlasting reign.”

Being called a Grouch all the time by the inhabitants of Sesame Street isn’t helping either. When you think about how happy everyone else on the street seem to be, no wonder Oscar has a negative disposition on life. Dave Chappelle had it right about the little monster (and I mean that in the nicest possible way):

On the topic of people doing other people’s work, there are some brilliant covers of songs out there done either by fellow famous artists, or with clever editing. No way to list all the greats, but I’m going to list some anyway.

Madonna never sounded like this before, which is a shame because if she did, I’d start listening to her:

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs changes Holly Valance’s pace for ‘Down Boy’:

I’ve gathered up a few for you to watch, but send in your suggestions by leaving a comment.

Better yet, think about combinations of bands you’d like to see. Ever wanted to hear James Brown sing AC/DC‘s ‘TNT’, or Barry White take Davey Havok’s place to sing for AFI? Maybe Kylie Minogue would sound so much better with the help of Yes, I hear you say.

Rick Astley braves the grunge to sing in place of Kurt Cobain:

I will never give him up. Mostly because I’ve been RickRoll’d so many times that I can’t get him out. Well played, Astley…

[EDIT: Just found Christopher Walken improving on Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face']: