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Back to Bowie

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I’ve had a few moments recently where a song I had not heard in ages comes on the radio, or on a TV show, pops on and suddenly stirs this massive desire to go back in time.

It could be a song from that band that slowly faded away, or those embarrassing and shameful one-hit wonders (it’s okay, Milli Vanilli fans).

I saw this video recently of a child crying out to his parents to put a certain musical figure (I’d skim through it bit by bit to save you hearing the ear-wrenching cries he manages to pull).

When I saw this kid cry out, it reminded me of the very same moment where I just needed to go back and listen to more David Bowie.

"No no no! I seriously love your music Dave!"

Regardless of who it is, it becomes a secret goal inside to seek as much of that artist as possible, and try to rekindle that passion you once had.

Granted I wasn’t in tears, I began asking everyone I knew if they had any old Bowie records. From memory I was infatuated by his music, and seeing Labyrinth not too long ago fuelled the mission even more (though anyone trying to pull off the tights look like that is incomprehensible).

I had managed to nab a copy of ‘Best of Bowie’ and was over the moon.

But then I discovered something horrific – I wasn’t in the mood for it. All of that seeking and scrounging around, and after finally getting a copy I was exhausted.

What happened after? I grabbed my favourites and threw them on my music player, leaving the other 12 tracks to stay dormant on the compact disc on my wall.

There’s a DVD just recently announced that’s containing a lot of rare and unseen footage over five decades of Bowie, so I WILL be getting that.

I’m a disgrace sometimes. Have you ever searched so hard for a band or musician, and ended up falling flat from the excitement you expected?

I really do like David Bowie. He’s in Labyrinth!

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