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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Freaken sweet.

Family Guy Season 8 DVD

Family Guy - Season 8

The 8th season of Family Guy’s out soon. I always love grabbing the box sets of TV shows, because chances are things have been cut out, and Family Guy usually has something.

It’s got commentaries on every episode (so we’re hoping for more Seth MacFarlane goodness), some deleted scenes, plus the ‘lost episode’ about OJ Simpson that Fox couldn’t air at the time of completion because OJ was sent to prison.

He should’ve stuck to football…

There’s also a collection of seasons 1-8 coming out at the same time too, if you haven’t started collecting the series yet.

How’s everyone doing out there? How was your drivetime commute to work? Or maybe you’ve just gotten out of bed. I remember taking a nap October of last year after having a dream of living in a post-apocalyptic world. The door bell rings and three kids with melted faces come asking for food. Co-incidence, or bad time for a nap on All Hallows Eve? Either way, those kids got a big bite out of my door. What’re you trying to do, actually scare the people you’re begging food off of?

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 - Xbox 360

Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out on Xbox and the PC in the middle of November. Zombie invasions are always fun when you’re armed, so it’s reassuring that this one doesn’t make you play the helpless victim. It might be pushing it hoping to have a playable Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), complete with chainsaw and boomstick.

For most of the world, expect more of the same awesome game you remember from the first, with new characters, weapons and Infected. For you Australians out there, you’ll have to fight your blood-thirsty zombies with kind words and hugs with the censored version. The lack of an R18+ rating means Australia’s getting a toned down version. Terrible for Aussie sales, since most will be importing it for that reason. Fighting a hungry croc’s fine, but a hungry zombie? Nooo…

We’ve also got our Christmas store open at CD WOW!, so if you’re thinking about doing some early planning before the mega Christmas rush approaches, have a browse around. We’ve even sorted out by specific family member if needed. Very handy when you have that blank moment in time when you say to yourself: “What does my dad like again?”

What’s new on your shelf? Found anything that’s worth talking about? I’m looking for some good ol’ rock tunes to get myself back into it. The soundtrack from Brutal Legend was a great start. Any suggestions?