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I want to play!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

This is a long way from Q-Bert.

The Oscars celebrate movies, the Grammys for music, but I look forward to a more lively show. To be more specific, a conference.

The E3 conference in LA is on this week, and it’s a perfect time for people who love all things video games and technology to geek out essentially at the titles that are soon to come out.

At CDWOW, we’re essentially giddy with excitement seeing gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Deus Ex 3, Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 -- Jeez, a bit of a pattern here, right?

I highly recommend you pre-order these games, because they are going to be phenomenal.

What tends to be misunderstood about video games is how they’re more than just an outlet for teenage kids to zone out and not do their homework. They’re artistic, cinematographically crafted pieces of film that help people of all ages zone out.

Take for example the Encharted series. The first game caught the eyes of gamers for its ability to absorb the player into the story. Through motion-capture and terrific voice-acting, they managed to make essentially an interactive movie where you couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.

So what did the team at Naughty Dog decide to do? Make an awesome sequel. Not only was the main character of Nathan Drake still as charming, witty and bad-ass as he was in the first game, but because technology never stops improving, it was knocked up a massive notch.

So what did the team at Naughty Dog decide to do? Make this:

They even re-created Tomb Raider (which yes, at first I was skeptic of pretty much everything about it).

For gamers out there, your thumbs are going to get pret-ty sore.

That is unless you have Kinect for the Xbox 360, in which case your whole body will be.

See anything you can’t wait to see?

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Mass Effect 3

Censors! Put a black strip on that naughty bit!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Alien versus Predator

I’ve just read that Alien Vs Predator 2 is going to be banned in Australia. Wow, really? You can’t even handle aliens?

I’ve followed this story quite a bit though, and it raises a few issues. Everyone had a huge issue with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s airport scene, where you play an American CIA agent posing as a Russian terrorist. You’re with four Russians and the elevator doors open to an airport. The level consists of the Russians gunning down civilians, and you have the choice of whether to join in or not to blend in. It doesn’t affect the storyline as well, because *Spoiler alert* Makarov shoots you at the end of the level, and the Russian police find you, an American agent, dead at the crime scene *End spoiler*.

CoD: Modern Warfare 2

It’s a highly shocking level to play, because you’re thrown into an uncomfortable situation. However the storyline of the whole game revolves around this one scene. The Russians go to war with America because of that scene. I can tell you now that I didn’t want to shoot any civilians, so I just shot around them, hitting suitcases and watching suitcases explode. This level has been compared to terrorism training, and other sorts of blasphemous claims.

The game developers put warnings in the game to let you know that a disturbing scene happens at one point of the game, and asks if you want to be warned when it’s about to happen.

You’re playing a war game. Chances are someone’s going to be shooting at someone else.

Rebellion Developments came out with a brilliant quote about the banning: “We will not be releasing a sanitised or cut down version for territories where adults are not considered by their governments to be able to make their own entertainment choices.”

Upset about the Ashes?

If you haven’t seen the difference in gameplay from the UK and the Australian Left 4 Dead 2 (zombie game, not ‘angry civilians who just happen to want to eat you’ game), then click here.

The Australian system is set up so that their Attorneys General of every state must unanimously vote to approve an R18+ rating. The UK’s got 17+. The US has 18+. But Australia’s got 15+, and that’s the highest it goes.

That’s right: If you graduated high school, went to university and conduct open heart surgery, you are only allowed to see what your 15-year-old son can see. Heck, kids that age are still breaking through their voice and experimenting.

Though I wouldn’t start pointing and laughing at Australia, or their government. It’s rather look at how their government works with this sort of thing. The one guy who’s holding back the decision is from South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson. Atkinson believes letting an R18+ rating will allow kids to buy R-rated material.

"You can do WHAT with a gerbil?"

If you are of any age, and you can use Google, any term you search will somehow bring something related to it. Want to look at caravans? I’m sure there’s a website specifically made to cater for fornicators in caravans. Ice-cream? Forget about it.

What this lack of rating does is cause game developers to squeeze through the MA15+ bracket. With no higher rating to go, this is allowing content that the UK’s 17+ audience can see available to younger eyes.

That one man holds the power to a whole country? He’s essentially Australia’s Pope. I can see a trailer for a new movie:
‘This Summer, one man will hold the country in his hands.
“Sir! We need to sort out the riots at the Soccer stadium!”
“Leave them. I hate Soccer.”
“But sir! Women and children are-”
One man. His decision. No hope. The world will really be…Down Under. Rated MA15+’

Meet the Feebles

It reminds me of the films that were too taboo for the general public.  Ken Park wasn’t shown in UK cinemas after the director punched the distributor of the film. The 1932 film Freaks was heavily edited down and eventually banned in the UK for about 30 years, then popped up as a cult classic. I doubt people went on murderous rampages after watching Meet The Feebles, then had to watch the Muppets with their kids.

What do you reckon? Is this a responsible view, or a feeble attempt at personal pushing to a general public? Or is Atkinson afraid of Muppets?

Let the Aussies have a choice, Mr. Atkinson. They gave us Fosters.

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War Front: Turning Point – WW11 Game for the PC

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

War_frontWar Front – Turning Point has just hit the game shelves for all you PC gamers out there.
Recently released as
Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty on both PS3 and Xbox360 platforms, the game makes it’s PC debut.

This is a WWII fighting game with a difference, it is based around a true incident that happened in New York in 1931 when Winston Churchill was hit by a taxi.
In reality he survived to lead Great Britain into the war against Nazi Germany, but what would have happened if he had not?
This game follows that bizarre scenario, and without his leadership the UK falls into the hands of the Third Reich in 1940. This gives the Germans time to develop their weapons, Jet Fighters and Atomic Bombs to name a few, which upsets the yanks, and in 1953 the now well prepared army leads an attack on America… fierce controversial stuff!

Turning_point_screenshotThe player assumes the role of Dan Carson, up until now an average New York construction worker, who is caught up in the initial German invasion of his city.
However unlike other games Dan is not trying to win the war, he is trying to survive! He first tries to escape from New York and somehow manages to get to Washington where he joins the resistance. His adventure leads him eventually to London where he must find and destroy the bomb that threatens his country. Exciting stuff!

There are a couple of great things about this game, firstly the clever use of real life monuments as seen today, mainly getting blown up of course! The Chrysler Building, White House and London’s Tower Bridge all make appearances.
And then there is the way that the game includes many advanced versions of weapons that were either in design or actually used in WWII, Huge Tanks, Massive Zeppelin’s, Attack Blimps and Vulcan style Bombers to name a few. WOW!
If you enjoyed: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Medal Of Honour, End War, Army Of Two…. You get the picture! This is a must for your collection.

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