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It’s beginning to look a lot like Hallows Eeeeve…

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Bruce Campbell, you stud.

I have plenty to be thankful during Halloween, for the main reason of trying to be spooked.

While pure darkness in a room was enough to freak the bajeezus out of me as a kid, my brothers were kind enough to show me films not suitable for younger audiences to train me to accept these movies as fake, and how darkness can actually play in your favour towards scaring another person.

Since then however, I’ve noticed the horror movie plot structure, and how similar each movie tends to follow suit. I will say the first Saw took me by surprise, and from its low budget and (mostly) unknown actors, worked a treat.

Since then it’s just adult films for torture lovers, but the horror movies of yesteryear is where its at for me.

Nosferatu, with its eerie silence and flickering from the film stock, still gives off this vibe of uncertainty and difference that is somehow still on top for freakiness.

The Evil Dead series, and in particular Army of Darkness, are still my all-time favourite horror flicks, most likely made to the top of the list by its comedy to lighten the situation.

For those who want to see a history of horror film endings spoiled in five minutes, this video nicely sums up 100 films in one go.

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