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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Gaga: Available in Medium-Rare and Well Done

Here at CDWOW we take pride in offering all sorts of entertainment and products that range from music to makeup.

But it sometimes comes as a surprise when an upcoming product mixing the two occurs. Lady Gaga has just signed up with a fragrance company for her very own signature fragrance.

The fragrance company’s quoted as saying her three traits (“explosive, provocative and sexy”) would make for a great product.

Let’s put this into perspective first of all: At what moment do you think is Lady Gaga’s scent at its most potent?

She’s a performer, so most of the time, she’s dancing around on stage and breaking a sweat. This type of fragrance could be better linked to say Kobe Bryant. Sure, he’s no dancer, but he isn’t trying to be elegant while on stage.

When she’s getting awards, she’s wearing a sirloin steak meat gown. Underneath the TV lights would ‘enhance’ the scent, I would think. In fact, thinking about a sirloin fragrance can go one of two ways: You could smell awesome and feel hungry for steak, or you’ve left the fragrance bottle in the sun too long, and the flies are eyeing their new fashionable feast.

Lady Gaga’s fans are also far from a convenient umbrella of stereotyping, so the question remains on whether it could be a scent any gender could don.

The release is for 2012, so all interested readers will have to stick to their own smell for a while. Let’s just hope Gaga doesn’t start to stink before it’s released (Oh, such a cheesy TV reporter joke).

Chuckle for the day: Apparently Carlos Santana had a fragrance! Who would’ve known, huh?

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