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Thy deceiveth thou with sneaky angles

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Have a look at this video and tell me if you’ve ever been the offender/offended of this epidemic.

Now they can bark up the right tree.

This commercial makes an excellent point about the internet. The New Yorker had it right in a 1993 cartoon with “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”.

To enhance chances of succeeding on dating sites, people have a habit of learning the right angle to hide that second chin, or a massive freckle on their left cheek.

What is laughable when you think about it is when that same person gets upset when their date stares at you thinking “…nothing like the photo”. You’re essentially starting a relationship filled with lies from the get go.

But then who doesn’t do this? When trying to attract, why post a photo of you wearing a cardboard box for pants when you could borrow your friend’s suit jacket, take a photo, and look like you got more bling bling?

Napoleon Dynamite‘s a perfect example of deceptive profiles that have worked out in the end.

Maybe that’s the beauty of the internet. It’s a massive hub for everything, from online shopping through to the touring caravan enthusiasts.

The fun of it all is rummaging through the amount of absolute rubbish to get to it.

And with Photoshop skills, anyone can become anyone. Pretty powerful stuff, don’t you think? I’m sure half the people chatting online pretend they’re someone else.

Okay, so I’ve been teasing the people with their profile pics, so I think it’s only fair to show mine.

Doogs V2.0

What? Didn’t you just read the last few paragraphs?

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