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Check, one, two…

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Pop singers are always the best-looking bunch of people when on stage. How someone could be all made up, dancing vigorously and still keeping tune to the song is truly a testament to their skill.

And that’s where this video comes in:

Though we all know pop stars tend to mime on stage, leaving the rest to play decks and stage theatrics, it’s great to know someone at the sound desk wants to have a memento of their handy work.


The most recent of Britney’s lip-synching antics was last year in Australia, where fans were so upset that they left within a few songs.

Given that Britney’s been on the scene for so long, it’s a given that she’s most likely lip-synching. But does it matter?

Top of the Pops has been through various set-ups for miming and backing tracks since their 1964 start-up.

Janet and Michael Jackson, Milli Vanilli, Ashlee Simpson, Queen, even 50 Cent and R. Kelly have mimed on stage. Yet people are still going to their concerts.

Well…actually those aren’t perfect examples.

This reminds me of professional wrestling, and how finding out about it all being fake was like learning Santa discouraged a working union for his elves.

Now when I see it, it is something entirely different. Instead of “Ohh, that looked painful!” it’s now “Wow, that was well orchestrated!”.

I had to come to terms that it was all entertainment. If I loved the album for what it was, then I shouldn’t need to see a live performance.

Well, this is how one would think under those conditions, but oh how wrong it is to think such a thing.

I’ve been to gigs that have forever opened my mind, and it was because it was the true power of performance.

Britney Spears can continue, but can’t charge the same arm-and-a-leg price. People still bring handwritten signs to professional wrestling.

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Beatles Voted Off?

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

The_beatles_sergeant_peppers_lonelySounds like something out of a reality show but this is real life. I was listening to the Christian O’Connell show on Virgin Radio yesterday morning and they conducted a listeners poll on the Beatles (formed in 1960) – to play or not to play, that was the question!

The dear listeners in their wisdom have decided that they do not want to listen to them any more so no more Sergeant Pepper or Rubber Soul.
It got me thinking, if they are not going to play any more Beatles songs what about all of the great songs that Lennon and McCartney penned, no more of any of them either?
How about The Rolling Stones (1962), The Kinks (1963), The Who (1964), Pink Floyd (circa 1966), Led Zeppelin (1968), Jethro Tull (1968), Uriah Heep (1969), Queen (1970)??

Billy_fury_his_wondrous_storyDon’t get me wrong, I am not a great fan of the Beatles, but don’t they, along with all of the other greats, form part of the history of British music? Not that I am one to try and prove a point, but riding high in this weeks chart at #15 is Billy Fury, with ‘His Wondrous Story‘. He goes back further than the Beatles, so my Dad tells me, his career in music started in the late 50’s and he had success until his last chart single in 1983 His Album ‘We Want Billy‘ was a milestone being the first “Live” British Rock Album.
Close on his heels at #16 is Joe Brown with his “Very Best Of” He has a career spanning 40 years, seen as a jolly Cockney rock and roll singer he has been releasing albums since 1962, some 27 in total and the most recent being Down To Earth released in 2006.

Sorry John, Paul, George, Ringo… how easy we forget.