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Silent, but deadly (cute)

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Adorable, the both of you.

The Golden Globes have handed out their trophies and created the crazy buzz that will eventually be the more glamourous Oscars. Ricky Gervais wasn’t as harsh as people were hoping to be, but at least was present.

But inside I was hoping for just one of those awards to be handed over to Michel Hazanavicius and his film The Artist. As with all golden statue-related ceremonies, most nominations are films with a particular focus that makes them stand out. No one saw Green Lantern as a nomination because it was predictable, like Thor, though I preferred Thor.

The usual picks are those with topical issues, or those that if you said you didn’t like, would label you inferior. This is common with films that ‘break barriers’ or ‘pay homage’ to a particular celebrated aspect of film.

For me it was The Artist. Filmed as a black and white movie set in the times where the ‘talkies’ were just becoming a thing in cinema, it starred a familiar face from OSS 117, the French spy film I talked about last year.

But the real star in that film was different. No, not the gorgeous co-star, nor was it the list of cameos that made you say “Ohh cool! ***** **** is in it!”. It was Uggie the dog.

Don’t know him? Watch this:

There were plenty of clips to see, but I just wanted to show you that the dog does indeed have a sponsor on his skateboard.

He already won the Palm Dog award, the animal equivalent of a Palm D’Or, but his list of films is pretty large. He was in Water for Elephants as well, and more than likely a better actor than Robert Pattison.

Any animal you’ve seen in a movie that has stolen the show?

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New Release DVDs – February 25th

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

New Release DVD’s out this week

StardustStardust – Directed by Matthew Vaughan
Calling all fans of The Princess Bride… this is for you!
Stardust is an out and out fantasy film starring Charlie Cox (A for Andromeda / Casanova) as Tristan Thorn and Claire Danes (Romeo & Juliet / Terminator 3) as his love Yvaine, plus a stellar cast including Michele Pfieffer, Robert De Niro, Peter O’Toole and Ricky Gervais to name a few!
The story follows the adventures of Tristan as he tries to capture a falling star for Victoria, the very beautiful but cold object of his desire, and later when he eventually falls in love with Yvaine to bring her back to his home. This proves to be a difficult task as villainy and twists and turns in the story line will take you on an adventure that begins in a village in England and ends up in the world of fantasy.
The title song to the movie, ‘Rule The World’, was written and recorded by Take That. Although not on their album ‘Beautiful World‘, the single was a hit for them in October 2007.
Check out the movie trailer on YouTube!

OnceOnce is a modern Irish musical directed by John Carney, who just like the lead of the movie is a member of Irish band The Frames.   
It was shot on a budget of just €100,000, about as much as most film makers would use for lunch for the crew!
Starring two real life musicians Glen Hansard (The Frames) as ‘Guy’ and Marketa Irglova as ‘Girl’, the film follows the fortunes of two struggling musicians and there interacting lives, ‘Guy’ works part-time but dreams of one day having his songs recorded and landing a record deal, and one day meets ‘Girl’, an Eastern European immigrant who has moved to Dublin to start a new life for herself. And just as in the real world, a relationship blossoms between them.
It’s not the first time they have worked together as Marketa contributed to Glen’s first solo album, The Swell Season, in 2006.   
The original soundtrack was mostly written and / or performed by Glen and Marketa, and as we all know by now they won a Best Original Song Oscar for ‘Falling Slowly.
Love good music, you will love this film.

So there you go, run away now and check out our New Release DVD and Pre Releases DVD sections to see what other class movies are available now for pre order!