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Baby booty, baby boy, and baby boss

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Nothing cooking?

Rumours were floating around that Beyonce Knowles was pregnant. Then rumours were confirmed to be false, big surprise.

Beyonce and Jay-Z didn’t tell the press about their marriage until two months after it happened. This was most likely to keep the cameras away from the ceremony, but it seems that everyone just HAS to know.

It’s a shame that the media can’t just wait until either the singer is ready to announce that she’s creating spawn, or start covering events before they’re confirmed. We need to tone down a little on the hush-hush gossip scene.

Then there are times when failing to notify the public can get you in trouble.

The manager to little dweeb Jusin Bieber was arrested last week on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance. But what could Scott Braun have possibly done to receive these charges, you may ask?

He thinks he's soooo gangsta...

Not tweeting.

Yes, in the days where employees can be fired for posting rude Facebook photos and arrested for trying to joke about blowing government buildings up, doing the opposite can get you in just as much trouble.

The teen star was going to have an appearance at a shopping mall in Long Island. His incredibly famous Twitter account sent out notification about the event, and it wasn’t until 3,000 tiny screaming fans bombarded the mall that police demanded the manager to tweet that the concert was cancelled due to safety concerns.

The police say he refused, and even changed the Twitter account’s password to “control the event”. Braun said it took him seven minutes. Five people were taken to hospital for minor injuries,

This event happened in November, for reference. He’s looking at a year in jail if found guilty. Could you imagine the kind of life that man would live behind bars with an offence like that?

Knifey McStab: “What’re you in here for? I stabbed a guy.”
Scott Braun: “I didn’t use Twitter fast enough.”
Knifey McStab: “…you’re on a fast track to getting stabbed.”

"Papapapapapapa..poke my face, and hit my eyes."

Speaking of not saying anything, Lady Gaga‘s old sound producer before her days on a label is suing her for $30.5 million for not verbally saying “thank you” for the music.

Rob Fusari is seeking lost revenue from their professional collaboration, including being the one giving Stefani Germanotta her stage name ‘Lady Gaga’.

Gaga’s been quoted saying that she’s been Gaga “from the time that I was 19 through my first record deal,” and looking at the picture to the right, I can totally see the…umm…totally random dress sense. Maybe it’s the suspenders that were a foreboding sign of what was to come.

Now maybe it’s just me, but if you just wanted a verbal apology, then the $30.5 million shouldn’t even be in the equation. Since when was anyone’s verbal anything worth that much?

Any excuse that it’s because of the hardships he faced since bringing her up to the fame that she’s at now fizzles out when you think about the amount of money he’s asking for.

If he’s not happy about the way Gaga’s now portraying herself, then he has every right to be upset. But as far as I know, he doesn’t have a contract with the record label.

Still, in this day and age, suing people seems to still be all the rage with the cranky folk.

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