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Play as a pop star, party like a Perry

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Katy supporting herself

The Sims. You must have heard of this video game series by now. It has been one of the most addictive games in the past decade where you spend your time making a fictitious character’s life so much better than yours.

I can’t count the amount of times I would be playing that game and say to myself “Oh, just half an hour more” when playing to suddenly see four hours had passed.

There have been three main Sims games, along with a plethora of expansion packs and side games to keep the series going. Just when I thought The Sims was starting to slow down, the creators decided to make another expansion pack.

In the game your character could get a job as one of many things, with careers choices ranging from culinary to criminal. The Sims: Ambitions expansion pack added firefighting, ghost hunting, and various other workplaces for your digital persona to work as.

Now you can add pop star to that list. And not just any pop star. Coming this march is the newest expansion, Sims: Showtime.

To get the series that lives off expansion packs, Mrs. (well I guess it’s Ms. now) Katy Perry has been thrown in the game for the special edition version, along with her hair types and other in-game additions.

It’s not the first celebrity-endorsed game. In fact, there’s a compilation video with the top 10 worst celebrity-endorsed video game.

Which person, whether it be celebrity or musician or artist that’ll never become mainstream, would you love to play a simulated version of?

Maybe you’ll want to avoid paparazzi by wagging your Nintendo Wii controller, or possibly using your XBox Kinect camera to work your magic on a photoshoot.

If the Kinect had the ability to take photos of you while looking like a fool, that would make for a great photo album. Our faces sure look strange when playing games.

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