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For the love of bad movies

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Ohh, we know, Uma... :'(

What makes a movie bad? Is it the story? The production? The acting (or lack of)? There are a few films that have failed for very different, let’s say unorthodox circumstances.

Uma Thurman’s made good stead in her films in the past, but it wasn’t until her film ‘Motherhood’ came out that we saw a failure. Hoping to cause a bit of buzz by showing the film in one cinema (don’t ask me about logic there).

That buzz resulted in the opening weekend taking Not £88. Sounds like a lot, until you realise that there’s no ‘million’ attached to that number. Eleven people turned up to the screening.

It did win an unofficial award though as one of the lowest ever grossing movies in the UK.

Talk about buzz!

Wha? I didn't win?

Then we have a movie like Blonde Ambition, a movie Jessica Simpson swears isn’t a remake of Working Girl. As I just mentioned, Jessica Simpson is responsible for this film about a country girl moving to the Big Apple.

The film was planned to have a proper release, but with the bad test screenings, the studio tried eight theatres in Texas for a limited release, which is where Simpson and co-star Luke Wilson are from.

The DVD was released exactly one month after. Want to know why? It made a total of $1,332 on opening weekend. That’s an average of $165 made per theatre.

But here’s the quirky bit of this story. In the Ukraine, the film was #1 on the first weekend and earned $253,008. Russia grossed $399,854, and the Philippines grossed $16,538 to date. Then DVD sales made $2.7 million in the first week of DVD releases.

Skeptics say it was Jessica Simpson’s fans just trying to help support her, but either way it’s now grossed $11.56 million in total in the United States.

Then there’s…THAT movie…

Battlefield Earth might be the worst movie ever made. While John Travolta loved the script and told screenwriter J.D. Shapiro he saw it as the “The “Schindler’s List of sci-fi”, it turned out to be the Worst Movie of the Decade, as noted by the Razzie awarded to the flick this year.

Shapiro has recently written a feature about the movie, stating his script was actually re-worked by Travolta and his “camp” to fit more with Scientologist founder L Ron Hubbard’s ideas for a movie. Whether things were altered or not, the movie causes that gut feeling of embarassment for the otherwise mainly good actors on screen.

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