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A quarter decade of music classics

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

For a moment it looked like an 'Oprah' magazine. Oh, let's listen to her favourite tunes.....zzz.

You’ve gotta love Top 10s and Top 100s of any kind of list. It could be the top 10 best groin hits on YouTube, or 35 worst ways to avoid an ex.

It’s a way to scan through to see how many you agree with, and how many you think are absolutely out of the ballpark.

That’s why when Q Magazine released their Top 250 albums of the past 25 years, I was on that list like a mosquito in a blood bank.

Music is most likely the highest in opinionated ratings. Some lists have nothing you like (or heard), some list fit perfectly to your personality so well, you wonder if the author was spying on you.

It was a no brainer to put those albums together for y’all to look through. I saw a few albums I used to listen to religiously back in the day, and now I can’t believe I’m buying them again. Nostalgia has done wonders to my wallet on several occasions.

I can remember having to borrow a friend’s copy of ‘Songs for the Deaf’ by Queens of the Stone Age because my Discman (Old school!) ruined it after copious hours on ‘Repeat’. And of course ‘Sea Change’ by Beck got me through a lot of tough moments with the soothing acoustics.

It’s a real treat looking back at albums that remind you a little about yourself. Your pimply teen years of old Green Day with ‘Dookie’, or Nirvana’s appearance on ‘Unplugged’ that seemed to open their music to a wider world, thus ruining the whole point of grunge.

It also sported a lot of “Hey man, I liked them when they were still cool”. Such silly pish-posh hog wash, old chap. They were always cool. Obviously I’m not for saying pish-posh, but I’m no Kurt Cobain.

And for that I’m very happy, because Courtney Love…*shudder*.

But I implore you to browse through our jukebox list of golden moments in the last quarter century. And tell us a little bit about what albums helped you out during tough times, gave you the most laughs, or just made skipping work/school/family matters a lot more chilled out.

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2010 – An end to an explosive decade

Friday, December 31st, 2010

It is at this time of the year when a frenzy of change occurs. People all around the world dedicate themselves to goals that they know they should’ve made months ago, but use the full force of a new year to encourage.

Some donate their old Spice Girls CDs to those unaware of who they are not only for self-healing, but also a social experiment to see if a decade on, “Wannabe” can still be infused into the mind. Torturous, but hey, you’re too busy worrying about going to the gym more. You can’t be held responsible!

2010 was a big year, believe it or not. I have admittedly focused more on the more horrible things that have come out this year, but it was only out of love. Saying that, there were some absolutely amazing movies, games, books and TV shows that came from it too, and next week I will be properly celebrating what I think 2010 should be proud to give to the world.

If you didn’t check out our ‘Top 10′ lists for 2010 done by our awesome staff members Mark (CDs), Shayne (DVDs), Anthea (CDs) and Andy (Games), click here. If you’ve ever made your own ‘Top 10′ list, you would be all-too-familiar with the agonizing time spent trying to organise the numbers to make it just right. Trust me, it’s caused one too many debates about what should be number 4, right down to a character’s wincing in a scene.

Next week will be an in-depth exploration on what made 2010 what it was. Movies, music, games and books will all be discussed, and I encourage ever one of you to shout out your ideas. We love hearing what makes you absolutely absorbed, fascinated, or even at awe of. At CD WOW we love what we do, and what we offer. The great thing about the internet is discussing the best (and worst) of practically everything. It’s a warming piece of news to hear from our customers and break down that barrier that seems to exist nowadays from record stores and game shops.

The last conversation I had at a record store was telling the guy behind the counter, who didn’t know any David Bowie songs, that Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ sampled ‘Under Pressure’, to which he looked at me as if I was on something.

I was. It was rage. And it was also Christmas shopping.

"This is Bowie back to Bowie, I hear you loud and clear man. HOO-YAH MAHN!"

But ask someone in our office about Bowie, and the conversation will no doubt be an in-depth conversation on what was the best time for Bowie, his cameos in film, and why Flight of the Conchords’ version of Bowie has now been infused into our vocal chords come karaoke time.

There are going to be some amazing releases come 2011, and we’ll be there to bring it to you. Jump on to pre-ordering some to get a nice early discount. We love having an open discussion, so please feel free to tell us what you’d love us to add to our catalogue, change about the process, anything! We do listen, and unless the question involves ninjas and pirates (to which there is no answer, only mayhem), we’ll be right on getting it sorted.

2010 is indeed an end to a year, and also a decade. Musical genres have spread out even more than first imagined, and movies are becoming more daring with storytelling than ever before.

With that said, let me be the one to say: Have an absolutely amazing 2011, stick to your resolutions as long you can (or want), and thank you for a fantastic celebration of 2010.

Bonne année!

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