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Dmitry Vostokov - Debugged! MZ/Pe

Debugged! MZ/Pe


Dmitry Vostokov

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Computer, Programming, Web Design


Welcome to the first issue of Debugged! MZ/PE magazine! More than 3 years ago I conceived an idea of a Debugging Gazette but was swayed by a blogging wave. Last year Dump together with OpenTask iterative and incremental publisher announced 2009 as The Year of Debugging, 2010 as The Year of Dump Analysis and the magazine is the vital part of this initiative. The goal of every issue is to be useful as much as possible and be on a desk of practicing engineers for as long as possible. By engineers I mean software engineers in general, software technical support and escalation engineers, and software test engineers. To achieve this goal every issue features useful tables and charts in full colour and back covers can be used as mini posters featuring tips on debugging. The focus is on Windows debugging but not limited to if any information about other platforms is of sufficient generality. Despite an economic downturn and recession we decided to go ahead and even increased the number of pages for the first issue. This issue features 12 page WinDbg command supplement to pattern-driven memory dump analysis methodology, overview of Win32dd complete memory dumper and PowerDbg enhancements to debug ASP.NET code. - Dmitry Vostokov - Editor-in-Chief

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Dmitry Vostokov
208 x 282 x 8 mm