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Dmitry Vostokov - Debugged! MZ/Pe

Debugged! MZ/Pe


Dmitry Vostokov

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Welcome to the third issue of Debugged! MZ/PE magazine! This issue is dedicated to software tracing. The science of memory dump analysis (Memoretics) treats software traces as memory snapshots (dumps) and we can apply pattern-driven analysis techniques to them too. The first article in this issue shows such a unified approach for troubleshooting and debugging complex software problems involving both memory dump and software trace artefacts. The second article reminds us that process heap data is also a trace of activity and we can make various hypothesis by analyzing its execution residue. The final article is about the novel and fun method of colorimetric tracing. The back cover features software trace analysis pattern summary with examples and diagrams for easy desk reference. - Dmitry Vostokov - Editor-in-Chief

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Dmitry Vostokov
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