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Angst Love Hate Hurt

Angst Love Hate Hurt

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Product Notes

During the first week of freshman year in college (August 2004), Caryn played an open mic, announcing she was looking for a band to play with. The next day there was a knock at her door and low and behold, a monkey...umm... we mean Jenn... was outside her door. They started jamming and writing songs and dubbed the band Frankenstein's Alibi. They then started to recruit more people to play shows with and in January 2006 released Angst, Love, Hate, Hurt (professionally recorded at a local studio, the same actually that Caryn recorded both her Falling Stars CDs at) with Mongo on drums. The 9 track album offers a lots of different styles of rock. Track 1: Just a Fool is a song that portrays questioning the status of a relationship and how much one person meant to the other; in essence if any of it was real at all. The chorus asks, ' Aren't I addictive, aren't I hot? Aren't I everything that you want? Aren't I attractive, aren't I cool? Weren't we in love, or am I just a fool?' Track 2: There's something very airy and almost Renaissance/romantic about Complex Things. Very gentle and romantic, it's almost like reminiscing and day dreaming about how great love can be - 'The story like a fairy tale of two young loves today/ Affections grew as clocks ticked on with complex things to say/ I found my happy ending here....' Track 3: Rude Awakening is a fan favorite track. It offers a military-like snare drum groove for the verse against a finger-picked electric guitar weaving lick, a strong harmonized chorus, and some very pretty guitar soloing towards the end. Indeed, the song urges a rude awakening; 'Throw away the one thing/ you'll never get back/ try as you might/ you're utopia's gone.' Track 4: Don't Knock has a very bare bones, hard hitting orchestration with a guitar, tambourine and vocals and has an almost Nirvana-like feel and simplicity to it. The song is like just a shaking of the head at all the time wasted with someone who didn't even love you - 'but now I know how twisted you could be/ you filled us full of your hypocrisy.' Track 5: The electric/rock version of Beautiful. The story of being enamored/love at first sight. We've all been there, haven't we? Track 6: The World is a very personal song. With the rain stick and repeating guitar pattern, you can hear the heart being shattered and the mind being tortured and everything just slipping away through the cracks. 'Open my eyes to awaken to infinite blackness surrounding me, there's nothing more complicated than trying to understand the world with certainty...' Track 7: Bleeding Illness is about just being fed up and sick of life and goes through the story of a cutter friend of ours and then at the end switches it up to be a triumphant song and urges those who partake in similar activities to 'put all the blades away.' Track 8: User was written in the perspective of a user - i.e. The guy/girl who just wants to use you for whatever it may be, sex, getting off, drugs, money, whatever - and isn't truly invested in the relationship. This song is them bragging about it. The chorus obnoxiously confides, 'Lovers come/ and lovers go/ you're all the same to me/ don't you know?' Track 9: To end on a positive note (and one much different from the rest of the album) an acoustic version of Beautiful was included. It has a much more open, less driving sound than the electric version, almost a mix of The Beach Boys and The Used.


Artist: Frankenstein's Alibi
Title: Angst Love Hate Hurt
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 14/02/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479256639
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