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Independance 2011

Independance 2011

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Product Notes

They have left us with -International scorn -Uncontrolled maritime and terrestrial borders -bad reputation abroad -mediocre physicians and health care facilities -Inhuman school facilities -Medieval infrastructure and mentalities -16th century urban and rural life -Political division -95% unemployment and 4% underemployment -No investment structure -Extravagant government expenditures supported by a lethargic revenues system -No oversight on importation and negligible exportation -A people politically uninformed THE 2011 elections call for inputs from every single Haitian for a holistic approach to the issues. We have come to accept the status quo as a normal way of life. The Kidnapping industry has replaced most legitimate and profitable industries and the Haitian people are increasingly helpless and hopeless. Edify your mind with INDEPENDANCE2011.Learn about our mentalities, political system, leadership and management, voting pattern, economic limitations, and intellectual poverty. The 2011 presidential election in Haiti Up to this point, Haitian media productions have failed to succinctly engage the internal charades and practices that contribute to our perpetual stagnation. Independance 2011 is a spoken excerpt from the book entitled Independance 2011, narrated in a Haitian vernacular that all Haitians can comprehend. Listen to this audio book and remember to share the content with family and friends Independance 2011 places under scrutiny the government management practices that have sustained the economic and social stagnation gradually annihilating the people of Haiti. INDEPENDANCE 2011, for your information and Entertainment Les elections presidentielles de 2011 en Haiti Jusque là, les productions audiovisuelles haitiennes ont ignoré les fleaux qui rongent notre terre natale. Independance 2011 est un extrait sonore du livre du meme nom, raconté dans une langue vernaculaire d'Haiti pour votre access. Apres en avoir ecouté et assimilé le contenu, veuillez le partager. INDEPENDANCE 2011, pour votre Formation Information Distraction Une analyse qui met en question les contributions du cynisme des dirigeants tels que Jean Claude Duvalier, Aristide, Préval et Gérard Latortue dans l'état de stagnation économique et sociale qui continue a nous anéantir graduellement.


Artist: Independance 2011
Title: Independance 2011
Genre: Spoken
Release Date: 20/01/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501092791
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