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Product Notes

You could call it the beautiful meanderings of an impassioned Piscean... or a sneak-peak into the transient headspace of a restless musician... or you could just call it the music of Hannah O'Reilly. All would be somewhat correct. Hannah O'Reilly has been amid the sweat and catharsis that is song-writing for 11 years now. Creating everything from acapella blues to prostitute-killing murder ballads, from love and hate songs to contemptuous ramblings, and everything in between - all with the necessary amount of self-deprecation to pull it off without seeming like a twat. With some of Edinburgh's most murderously fabulous vocals, Hannah can make even the most treacherous of topics sound as sweet as apple pie. At first glance, it is just beautiful music (albeit dripping with attitude), and then it reveals itself to you from under the luscious melodies and you catch a glimpse of the traumas that lie beneath. There is sarcasm and cynicism around every corner, even in the most delicate of love song... and more often than not there are many layers of meaning lying mostly undiscovered beneath the obvious. Hannah digs mind games, y'see. For the most part, Hannah is happy to just entertain the masses, fore despite the sturdy inclination toward the black & blue of life she is content being able to make people smile. She has Hawksley Workman's lyric 'the darkness defines where the light is' tattooed on her forearm as a talisman, and firmly believes that being aware of the darkness doesn't mean you have to be a miserable old cunt all the time. There is room for joy, even amongst the darkest of days. If you disagree with her on this, she welcomes you to come to one of her gigs where she will make you laugh and cry and maybe even snort a little. And if her songs don't work, five minutes of her inane grin or a cheeky 'motorboat' should do the trick. 'Stiletto' was written during February Album Writing Month ( All songs were recorded in Hannah's home studio, and she hopes that aside from ensuring that this album sees the light of day, it will also give an honest and true representation of what she's doing at the moment. "I have cigarettes, paper bills, and a desire to feel" - Hannah O'Reilly 2009. "What a stunning voice... really unique and hits you between the eyes" - Eddie Raynor (Split Enz)


Artist: Hannah O'Reilly
Title: Stiletto
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/05/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502076868
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