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Xpect Da Unxpected

Xpect Da Unxpected

  • By K.O. Kid
  • Release 25/10/2005
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £7.85

Product Notes

Impavido. Ever heard of it? Not surprising. What else isn't surprising is knowing that this is what is tattooed on Nicholas Macaluso's left arm. In Italian, impavido means fearless. If there are a few certainties about Macaluso it would be that he never has been shy of the spotlight and that he fears nothing. Much like the name of his second album, Xpect Da Unxpected, which is also tattooed on this left arm, we can be expecting there is a whole lot in store to come from this young entrepreneur. Born and raised in Sacramento; Macaluso since childhood, has raised the bar on what you may know as intensity. In the fifth grade he began composing music and he has been playing both the guitar and piano for thirteen years. Although he has a thick background in music, with influences ranging from Sinatra to Nirvana to Dr. Dre, his first love was football. Perhaps it makes more sense if I told you that he coined the name K.O. Kid from knocking someone out in a football game. From this point on, K.O. was his name. For Macaluso, when it comes to football it has always been no-holds-barred, and that was exactly the kind of spirit that nearly made his childhood dream of playing professional football materialize. Instead however, much like his album name illustrates, it's hard to assume anything and his love for music prevailed. From battling at parties to recording on a karaoke machine began the musical evolution K.O. Kid. No longer would he be knocking people out on the field, but stopping people dead in their tracks hearing his beats and rhymes. Since creating his own record label in 2003, K.O. Kid Records, Macaluso has been collaborating, writing and producing music for him and other artists and mix and mastering complete works. Since the debut of his EP, The Psychotic Poet Macaluso has said, 'Shit, garbage, that EP isn't even worth giving away, but it's a whole new ball game now. You've gotta start somewhere and that was definitely somewhere.' Now with top of line equipment and life's lessons and experiences the caliber of what to expect from an independent artist has been raised. In reference to his new album Macaluso adds, 'This one's going to put me on the charts.' With backing from major DJ's, entertainment people and an appearance on MTV DirectEffect with LaLa and Lloyd Banks his future looks promising. He also has opened for Too Short and has had the opportunity to open for an array of big name people. Macaluso's musical and producing competencies undoubtly brand him as an accomplished artist and his fearlessness and heart put him on a pedestal no one can reach.


Artist: K.O. Kid
Title: Xpect Da Unxpected
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 25/10/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101087193
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