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Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True

  • By Lil' Fallay
  • Release 15/05/2001
  • Music Genre Blues
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £10.38

Product Notes

WHO IS LIL FALLAY BOY? A lot of men rolled into one (that's who he is). (Let's see) A husband, father, son, brother, uncle, recording artist, firefighter, friend, civic community leader, muscian, music producer, event promoter, social voice, CEO of an Independent record label. (Got anything else you would like for him to do) (Pick one) Lil Fallay: Started out as a little black baby named Christopher John Andrus, born to a lovely mother named Dorthy and a father named John in 1962. He was the last of three boys and three girls, born to this lovely couple. There was a sorrowful moment early on in his life, after enduring a life threatening sickness for some time, things turned for the worst. His mother passed away at the tendered age of (32), Lil Fallay was (3). Life moved along, and his father moved the family to their paternal grandparents. There he was exposed to the true black family experience, soul food and guidance. His grandparents were well into their stay at home years, and had a lot of free time. Music & culture was a normal part of living, family gatherings were a standard practice. If you know anything about black family gatherings, dancing & singing is a must. There were times when he would out dance his sisters, his cousins and all of his aunts. His grandmother use to say, look at my little dancer go. Time moved along and the family moved back into their own home. With his father remarried to another lovely lady and another sister added to the Andrus family, things were great. Friends would always come over, at times it seemed like every kid in the hood did. Junk yard bands were formed every day, (what is a junk yard band you ask), well a junk yard band is when you play anything and everything you could get your hands on. Things like trash can lids & buckets for (drums), bike handle bars for (horns), tennis rackets or brooms for (guitars or bass). You get the picture right? This was when Fallay knew that he had a calling for the arts. He would sing songs heard on the radio, songs like Sam & Dave or Otis Redding and all those Detroit sounds. The neighborhood girls would come over to hear him sing, and sang he did. Knowing that one day, he would try this professionally, Fallay moved own with life. The chance came when the family moved once again and he had to attend a new high school. After going through school chorus half heartily, he heard that there was a band being formed. He tried out for the position of drummer, but was quickly asked to stop playing. The guys mentioned that a lead singer was needed and if he wanted to try out for that, he could. He did and the rest, shall we say is why we are here. The band became a recording band with a local hit under their belt. Selling about a thousand singles (45) as they were called back then, he now felt the fire & desire. It still burns to this day, Lil Fallay's history consist of R&B/Funk recording bands, Zydeco touringg bands and night club acts. His latest venture spawned from a conversation with his first cousin, Rick Williams. Coming back from a tour in Atlanta, they spoke of recording a CD, as soon as time would permit. This was not to be, Rick died the day after. Awaken Lil Fallay said goodbye to the band, and with the spirit of his daughter and Rick guiding him, for the next two (2) months straight he wrote, arranged and composed songs. Still providing the neccessity for his lovely wife Mary and his growing teenage son Kris. The offspring of all this persseverance is Fallay's debut album. A fourteen (14) track album Titled ***Dreams Do Come True*** For a man with so many things on life's plate, we pray that he keeps provuding us with a taste of that southern kind of groove. Christopher J. Andrus, a.k.a. Lil Fallay, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, would like to thank you for your interest in his debut album. Ever so rarely has talent such as Lil Fallay come along to captivate the hearts and minds of audience from Soul to R&B. His musiscal talents is comprised of a varity of Louisiana style. We are hoping that he has satisfed your appetite for a southern kind of groove. Thanks, Lil Fallay Boy.


Artist: Lil' Fallay
Title: Dreams Do Come True
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 15/05/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707335629