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Phirst Tense

Phirst Tense

  • By Paraele Stripes
  • Release 19/09/2008
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £16.22

Product Notes

Phirst Tense Japanese people call it "the answer for the Postal Service". "Phirst Tense" is the first full album of Paraele Stripes who is an electronica-meets-melodic pop Japanese groupe including Mars and Atsushi from Fukuoka Japan. Every 10 songs are very colorful like illuminated stripes and have small peaces of different type of music. Atsushi plays spacey and delayed arpeggios over Mars singing which is little bit low-key, less shout, but Mae oriented deadly melodic. Electronic and visionary, but cozy and smooth tracks purely catch everyone's heart. The CD jacket indicates what you would imagine when you finish this amazing Paraele tour of 10songs. Most songs are PC programming based but still warm and deep. Paraele Stripes are presenting you the new and original balance of music style. Phirst Tense includes 2 extra remix-tracks which are Memory (remixed by label mate Anderson from Nether lands) and Propose (remixed by Rufus from Kyoto Japan). Paraele Stripes.. Named for the way they sound like, Paraele Stripes is an electronica-meets-melodic pop Japanese groupe including Mars who worked with lots of musicians in U.S. as an guitarlist, and ex-Brand New Surf's(the Japanese emo rock band) Atsushi. Mars and Atsushi started to work together when Mars came back to Japan form his 6years of music trip to U.S. Mars have already started his band with Tetsu-O(of velvet peach seven's Drummer) when Atsushi quit his ex-band's called Where Is My Mind. However Mars was playing the guitar, he changed into bass player and started to sing because Atsushi was the guitarlist when he joined the band. After that, Tetsu-O became busy with his other project, and quit the band. Finaly, Mars and Atsushi started to produce songs and play live as an super Japanese electronica unit Paraele Stripes. Paraele Stripes started to show up in the nights of Fukuoka-city 2006. Joined This Time Records (indie record lable in Tokyo) in July and played in the MAJESTIC VIBRATION (an event in Tokyo) for the first time in Tokyo. They release the first full album "PHIRST TENSE" in May of 2007 and toured 15 places all around Japan, Tokyo to Kagoshima. Paraele Stripes were getting to see how they should be as an strong unit and their unique live-performance style. Played with lots of great Japanese and foreign musicians as Her Space Holiday's Marc Bianchi, Anderson's and Farrah. Nature Living, Local Sound Style, Start Of The Day for the fans of Japanese emo-rock. Are going to play with I am Robot and proud. PC based sequencer, drums, keys, and sampler. They are the essence of Paraele Stripes. Vocal, Bass and Guitar are the spices. Atsushi plays spacey and delayed arpeggios over low-key and clean vocals of Mars. The simple and great melodies that influenced by Sigur Ros, Mum, Fiona Apple, Stevie Wonder etc...(means everything!!) won't go away once you hear it.


Artist: Paraele Stripes
Title: Phirst Tense
Genre: International
Release Date: 19/09/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 4543034011797