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Product Notes

Sanguine Addiction was formed in Colorado Springs, Colorado in Early 2002. Sick and tired of other bands trying to mimic other big name bands, Sanguine Addiction wanted to try and create an original sound all of there own. They wanted to write what sounded good to them, and not be some other band labeled as a wannabe band. They wanted there sound to be solitary, and have emotion that would engage the listener. The original band was first created by three members, Jeff Baker (guitar), Jose Garcia (bass), and Jason Barnes (drums). The songwriting skills blended very well between this powerful trio, and each song written got more compelling than the one prior. After getting a small dynamic set list together, Sanguine Addiction started taking over, and this was all without a singer. Then, after only a couple shows together, Jason had to leave the band in early 2004, which left Sanguine Addiction looking for a new drummer, and also a singer at the same time. Early in May of 2004, Jeff and Jose went to a karaoke bar and met with a guy by the name of Josh Lanier. Josh used to sing for a couple of other local bands, and wasn't sure if he wanted to even sing anymore. He then got a demo of some of Sanguines material, and in turn was very impressed and excited over the idea of singing to something so different, and unique. The three started to practice a couple of nights a week, and found that with Josh's vocal style and lyrics, it added a whole new dimension to the group. Now with the three members, Sanguine Addiction was still seeking a drummer to solidify the group, and present Sanguine Addiction as a whole group. Late in the month of May, Josh realized that he knew a drummer, a phenomenal drummer by the name of Thomas Desjardins. Thomas then came out to a practice and was blown away by the sounds of Sanguine Addiction, and was eager to jump on board. Now as a whole group, the songs are even more distinct, energetic, and creative. After only a couple weeks of practice Sanguine Addiction headlined their first show on June 26th of 2004. The crowd keeps expanding as each show passes. Sanguine Addiction is ready to take over and leave you addicted, and with just one taste, after hearing the heavy, melodic, unique sound, people say it leaves them Sanguinated. Their influences include: Faith No More, Led Zeppelin, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Dream Theatre, The Doors, A Perfect Circle, Pantera, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Primus, Black Sabbath, Tool, etc . Although they have many influences, Sanguine Addiction's all original music can be compared to no other group.


Artist: Sanguine Addiction
Title: Abstract
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 13/12/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 822371079924
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