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Line Between the Numbers

Line Between the Numbers

  • By Shaun Andree
  • Release 27/07/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £12.39

Product Notes

About The Album After years as the bass player for Frontrunner, Co-writer/Producer of Stephen T. Allen's solo work and current bassist for The Real ME and Loud Mouth Soup Shaun Andree, has just finished his first solo album. Shaun handles the vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards and even drums on one song and teams up with some of the midwests finest musicians including Patrick Cunningham from Frontrunner, Michele Ralston from The Money Shot, Karen Gioia, Chuck Wolters from Urban Blues Deluxe, Anthony Beel from Liquid Prairie and Kevin Watson from The Real Me. The Line Between The Numbers is a diverse collection of songs from 60's retro to modern Rock and Jazz. It is an eclectic blend of sonic textures, complex vocal arrangements and heart felt lyrics Co-engineered with Frontrunners longtime audio director Bob Rivers and produced by Shaun Andree. The Concept On Easter Sunday 2002, an old and dear friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. This marked the first time in my life I lost anyone close to me. In the months that followed I began a journey of self discovery. Through my writing I began trying to make sense of my life. I wrote down anything and everything that came to mind. Some things were very painful, others hopeful, some both. This freeform writing started to take on form and structure, and songs started taking shape. During this phase I wrote eighteen new songs. Some were about life, others death, love, loss and everything in between. My friends sister sent me a story about a man giving a eulogy. In the story, the man said that when you die your gravestone has two dates, the first signifying when your are born and the last when you died. In between these two dates is a line representing your life. All of your hopes and dreams, everything you are and all you've accomplished is in that line. This story really spoke to me. This album is the line between MY numbers. It is my life. Shaun Andree Bio Shaun Andree has played over a thousand gigs in 25 states. He has co-written internationally distributed albums and movie scores and has also scored music for commercials. As a bassist he is known for his fretless playing, aggressive two-handed tapping, and funky grooves. Shaun has exceptional stage presence and is always ready to improvise. Equally capable of pulling of an extended bass solo or laying down a phat groove, Shaun is very at home on stage. His guitar playing is a mix of unique rhythms and chord structures. The guitar technique Shaun has developed is very reflective of his bass playing. His lyrics are an extention of his life, describing personal experiences and vivid images of everyday trials and tribulations. Influenced by artists like The Beatles, The Who, Billy Sheehan and Dave Mathews, Shaun's style has evolved into a unique sound of different techniques, instrumentation and layered vocal arrangements. Shaun produces all his music in his own studio, using anything from modern Digital Audio Workstations to tape machines. Shaun works with analog and digital signal processing, auxiliary percussion, and whatever else might be lying around to ensure all his recordings stand out. When not performing, Shaun works as an audio engineer, having worked with MTV and artists such as Britney Spears, Martina McBride, and Snoop Dogg.


Artist: Shaun Andree
Title: Line Between the Numbers
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 27/07/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 683884037128
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