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It Helps to Have a Miserable Childhood

It Helps to Have a Miserable Childhood

  • By Tampastan
  • Release 25/01/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £9.57

Product Notes

Waal, it's been about a Year since Stan & Bill did a fresh Comedic CD, and that seemed a Decent Interval for Evabody to Recover! Word that Jimmy Buffett liked material on the Last 2 Inspired us to Dedicate this baby to The Man Himself, and pen a Li'l Tribute to this Musical Hero..'A 60 Year Old Rock & Roll Sensation.' (Never mind that Jim's Bio says he's 57 this year...ulp..we're maybe just a little Ahead of Our Time, Perhaps!) CD's Title Track's inspired by Stan's younger Son, Max...& his own Memories of Growin' Up. 'Divorce Your Kids' was also a Max-Inspired Lyric most Parents'll Identify With. 'Let Me Know If You're A Lesbian' grew from Stan's Memories of dating a Heartthrob 6 Solid Months back in High School & never gettin' beyond the Kissin' Stage. She was 'Handed Down' to Stan's Best Buddy..who also spent a Frustratin' Summer...heh. Was back in Ohio for 40th HS Reunion & someone mentioned The Beautiful Gal STILL lived there & remained UN-Married to this day. So, Bill & I figure THIS Song, played at the Appropriate Time in a Buddin' Relationship, oughta save a Frustrated Guy a whole LOTTA Wasted Time, eh? ;-) (DO Email Us with Your Results & Testimonials, Please!) 'Freezin' Yer Ass Off (Up North)' is also dedicated to That Beautiful Gal..& The Many Others that helped Stan have such a Miserable Childhood..before he ended up in Tampa FL Happily-Ever-After! Plenty of FUN Songs up to the Gospelly 'God Didn't Send Me On NO Guilt Trip'..A Song any ParrotHead'll be Thrilled to Sing Along With..(& It's even got us Invited by Several Bay Area Churches to come SING IT Live, believe it or we've re-recorded a 'Tidy-fied-Up' Version & are puttin' together a Gospel CD for the NEXT little Thriller.) So, dust off your Miserable Childhood & Plop On this's Great Therapy for a Day That's Gonna Go BETTER! (Livin' WELL is allus The Best Therapy!) Buy this CD & We'll Prove It! Big Hugs, Tampastan & Bill.


Artist: Tampastan
Title: It Helps to Have a Miserable Childhood
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 25/01/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479092039
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