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Scream Out Loud

Scream Out Loud

  • By 33 K Street
  • Release 22/07/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £7.14

Product Notes

33 K Street On the Verge In the closing days of the summer in 2002 a melodic four piece pop band came together in New England. A dynamic Singer/Songwriter named Mike Rivera had completed a demo project of perfectly crafted pop songs in the spring of that year. 'Screeching to a Halt' was an overnight sensation on the local scene, a community that had supported and propelled Godsmack's Indy project into the national spotlight. Joe Piero, the bassist, from that demo experience decided to invest his hopes and skill in Mike's dream of success. In the short season that is summer in New England the two recruited Dave Callahan to the guitarist's role and Mike Bistany to beat the time on Drums. As the band began to come together in jam sessions the chemistry of the group determined that this would be a band of collaborators. Accepting that this brotherhood of musicians was more than the projection of one individuals vision it was determined that the group would need to be named in reflection of that brotherhood. 33 K Street, As might be expected is an address, the place where the band started to come together. Mike Rivera had rented a beach cottage with five friends for the week of July 4th. Joe Piero was renting a place at the other end of the beach. In the wee hours approaching dawn on the 4th of July Joe thought to suggest Callahan and Bistany as musicians worth offering this opportunity to. Both the guitarist and drummer had worked with Joe in a band named 'Groom Lake' back in the early 90's. The trio had actually begun performing cover tunes in a garage while in High School. Mike Rivera who would prove to be the catalyst for these musicians was, at the time, still living writing the experiences that would drive the band. As the summer of 2003 fast approaches the band has completed their fist CD together of original tunes and maintains a catalog of nearly three-dozen progressive pop songs. A wide gulf of inspiration drives this band. Listeners steeped in the history of popular music can be reminded in a single verse of such dynamic influences as Vertical Horizon, DMB, Rush, Tom Waits, MB20, even Bob Dylan and The Band. Be sure to mark this site as a favorite and come out to witness this band at gigs through out the region. Our support of their success will assure that the future of American Pop will be as energetic and awe inspiring as the past that drives it.


Artist: 33 K Street
Title: Scream Out Loud
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 22/07/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 794465729025
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