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Storm Rising

Storm Rising

(Duplicated CD)
  • By 365Kgs
  • Release 26/09/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £14.47

Product Notes

365Kgs are a dynamic exciting new band from Bath in the South West of England. Formed in September 2007 after an idea by Gareth to start a musical project with Joe purely for fun.After just a few jams it quickly became apparent that 365Kgs were destined to be something special. Early Days The first demo was put together by Gareth, Joe and Mike in October 2007 and it received a healthy response from people who took the time to listen. \' The response to the first couple of tracks was quite overwhelming, they were rough round the edges and only really contained guide vocals but we knew then we had a great thing going on\' (G.C) 365Kgs carried on writing material and wrote 17 - 18 songs in just a few months.The heart on your sleeve style approach adopted by Gareth for songwriting just worked so well that the songs kept coming, almost as if the emotional floodgates had been opened after many years. \'We are 4 regular working guys with all the commitments life brings who just want to share our thoughts and expieriences with the world through good music.\' ( G.C Feb 2008) The Next Step By March 2008 the band knew it was time to record the tracks properly to do them justice, they struggled for a while D.I.Y recording what they could. Then in May 2008 Gareth met Dave Draper a producer from Worcester working out of FFG Studios. Dave loved the material and quickly set about formulating a Game plan for recording an producing an E.P with the band. Whilst all this was going on Gareth also set about Getting a new Guitarist for the band, Nick Wilton was first choice, a colleague of Gareth and Mike\'s, \'I rang Nick and gave him some of the original demos to listen to.Nick loved it and was on board straight away, so far he has proved himself to be an excellent addition and it seems to us as if he was in the band from the start anyhow\' The E.P went very well, so well in fact that it\'s now become this Album! In 365Kgs\'s own words on the very ethic of their song\'s; \'Music and lyrics that truly mean something don\'t need a lot of help to be something special anyhow\' Review of Storm Rising 365Kgs - "Storm Rising" (self released) 2008. In the space of less than a year 365Kgs have written, recorded and executed an album that puts a lot of so-called "major artistes" to shame. When bands these days seem to struggle to come up with anything new, and/or have a tendency to disappear into self-aggrandisement and doom redundancy - 365Kgs just keep pouring on the insouciance. Let's get one thing STRAIGHT,...365Kgs write SONGS and perform them with an expertise that contradicts the stupidly short time they have been in existence. Consisting of Gareth Cook (Vocals/Guitars), Mike Bowles (Bass/Backing Vocals, Keyboards), Nick Wilton (Guitar) and Anthony JOE Derek (Drums & percussion) 365Kgs come from humble beginnings. Admittedly announcing (unlike many band's stating otherwise) that they are.


Artist: 365Kgs
Title: Storm Rising
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 26/09/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479881299
This product is a special order


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