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420 Fire Ta Ash Hood Platinum Edition

420 Fire Ta Ash Hood Platinum Edition

  • By 420
  • Release 22/08/2006
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £10.59

Product Notes

'Fire Ta Ash' symbolizes the life to death, start ta finish way of life we all know. The beginning of the CD is about fun, good times & partying but as you progress through the CD the mood changes reflecting the struggles of the game & the obsticles involved. By the end of the CD the mood is more real, hardcore, or even harsh but it's true. Death is the final song dedicated to those who have been lost in the game. Bio 420CronicAddict Record$ is a Colorado based label specializing in the creating & promoting of original music by 420 artists. In 1997 fueled by a passion for rap Thaistick began to take up freestyle rapping. Later that year he would began to write lyrics. In early 1998 Maddbeatz, inspired by Thaistick, also began freestyle rapping. He also began learning about beats. In 1999 he began to buy equipment & learn how to make beats. In Sept. 1998 A young 17 year old locksmith with a brand new car hits a Traffic Light at 75mph with no seatbelt. He Lives! After reflecting on his life he decides to change his recklesss ways. Well sort-of.... In May 1999 he began writing lyrics & learning about the music industry. In late 1999 The Locksmith started to build a studio in his house. Working 50 hours a week as a locksmith, scraping money together to build the studio & buy equipment was tough but in 2004 the studio was complete. Everything was built by the Locksmith with the help of some friends. People kept asking when the studio was being built 'Is it in the basement?' & so came it's name 'The First Floor Studio'. Though it was rough in the begining, over the years there skills emassed. With Maddbeatz (artist & beat maker), Thaistick (artist), & the Locksmith (CEO, artist, producer & graphic designer) big plans started to form. 420 artists have came & gone over the years but the 3 artists who started it all are still here: Maddbeatz, Thaistick & the Locksmith (CEO). With 200 plus songs under there belts, years in the game, & a local fan base that is growing, 420 is ready to blow up Nation wide. All beats are original music compositions, no samples were used. All lyrics are original compostions writin by 420 artists. 420 brings a different style to the game because all 3 artists who started it are self-taught. They never recieved training or instruction on how to make beats, write lyrics, or record songs. The result is a style all there own. Hope you enjoy the music & feel free to contact the CEO with any questions. For questions, comments, suggestions or to book, contact: Ryan 'CEO' 420CronicAddict Record$ email: For sending demos, press kits or other materials, mail to: 420CronicAddict Record$ 1402 Athene Dr. Lafayette, CO. 80026-1411.


Artist: 420
Title: 420 Fire Ta Ash Hood Platinum Edition
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 22/08/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101193498
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