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Cena Con Ned

Cena Con Ned

  • By N.E.D.
  • Release 20/11/2007
  • Music Genre Classical Artists
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.83

Product Notes

NED Nedcd01 Ned - A cena con Ned (a document of extemporary music) Director Luca Miti The music of this CD is completely improvised and played in some sessions: V38 (recording studios)/Rome, in a attic of a private home/Rome. It's an extract of more than 20 hours of recording played by 25 musicians 'Estemporanea' per pianoforte, chitarra, dobro, sassofono, clarinetto, didgeridoo, pocket trumpet, trombone, tromba, armonica a bocca, batteria, live elettronics, sintetizzatore about Nostra Etichetta Discografica (NED) The aim of our indie label is to promote and safeguard the musicians involved in extemporary music. Why a lot of musicians have chosen to turn themselves exclusively to "extemporary music", and their way to concept it, it's a main discussion topic. We think that a real expression of music, free from historic chains, economic interests and mainstream products, can (or could?) only be achieved by doing away with all codified languages. To make it possible, a deep "emptying" of the player's musical personality is needed; perhaps, a temporary, witful "forgettfulness" of the music heard or played in the previous day could lead to a new relationship with themselves and the instrument, in order to inspire the unrestrainable freshness of a re-created approach. A different definition of "extemporary music", offered by a large number of musicians, lies in the concept of a mix between improvisation and composition, Though, according to us, improvisation refers quite exclusively to jazz, and composition to the score, which has nothing to do with extemporary music. The quality of music we're attempting to get should be self-creating. The musician turns into a medium throughout the sound flows and the result is hardly the more important thing. The conception and diffusion of extemporary music presents some contradiction to work out: for instance, the release of a music CD defies the idea of "no-reproducibility" that music implies. So, we suggest even the recordings should be extemporary and to be taken before a sharing audience. We'll call that result " a document" instead of "a product". NED isn't looking for collaborators rather for people who really believe in that vision of playing music, in order to keep the discussion true and free, and let the countertendency to be preserved. Kind regards NED A CENA CON NED I° Documento di musica estemporanea realizzato da NED (Nostra Etichetta Discografica) (p) Studio V38 Per realizzare questo documento con il gruppo di musicisti organizzato da Luca Miti sono state necessarie tre sedute di registrazione: -18 marzo 2006, 3h 26m, allo Studio v38 -29 aprile 2006, 2h 50m, allo Studio v38 -20 ottobre 2006, 5h 20m, in un appartamento privato, a cena, realizzata con lo studio mobile dello Studio v 38. Totale registrazioni 'sul nastro': 11h 36m Durata totale documento: 58.08 Hanno suonato 25 musicisti: Lorenzo Lustri, ance doppie e live electronics Cristiano Luciani, live electronics Marco Maurizi, chitarra elettrica Alessandro Cerratti, live electronics Zac, sintetizzatore e delega electronica Pix, sassofono tenore Giancarlo Esposito, dobro e live electronics Capitan Mikonos, chitarra elettrica Chris Blazen, chitarra elettrica Rudi Van Mad, chitarra elettrica Antonio Giannantonio, chitarra acustica Marco Camedda, live electronics Alessandro Bruno, clarinetto Anna Guidi, pianoforte Lorenzo Labagnara, didgeridoo Mauro Tespio, pocket trumpet Renato Ciunfrini, clarinetti e sassofoni Diego Mazzoni, batteria Furia Elettrica, chitarra elettrica e chitarra acustica Riccardo La Barbera, sintetizzatore Davide Piersanti, trombone Angelo Olivieri, tromba Toni Marchegiani, armonica a bocca Paolo Sinigaglia, pianoforte Romeo Sterlacchini, chitarra classica elettrificata, chitarra elettrica e live electronics Luca Miti, pianoforte e qualcos'altro qua e là SILENZIO NEL FRASTUONO.SVOGLIATO NELLA RETORICA, PASSIONALE NELLA DECOSTRUZIONE DELLE FALSE ESSENZE. NULLA SCORRE, TUTTO SGORGA,. NULLA E' PERCEPITO CON SOSPETTO, TUTTO COLLOQUIA CON TUTTI.IL CONCETTO NON E' IL PASTO, MA IL CUCINIERE. UN BANCHETTO CHE NON ESCLUDE NESSUNO, MA DOVE NESSUNO VUOLE SAZIARSI... Diciassette frammenti di segno diverso, alcuni di forte impatto, altri simili ad un happening in stile fluxus, altri ancora fin troppo persi nella loro estemporaneità. Massimiliano Busti Blow up n 108.


Artist: N.E.D.
Title: Cena Con Ned
Genre: Classical Artists
Release Date: 20/11/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479513237
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